5/25/05 - with thanks to J.L.W.

My eyes hold tears, my heart hides fears,
My sorrows round me crowd.
My battered form is drowned in storm --
But You can part the cloud.

A dark day's hour, a sun-shone shower,
The fire in the rain --
Absurd romance, a dang'rous dance,
Your solace with my pain.

You ride the cloud where angels crowd,
To make the foul fair,
Raise love from lust -- I know there must
Be angels dancing there.

From laughing lip of cloudy ship,
You guard me; from above,
You smile down, erase my frown,
Restore me with Your love.

The sun shines through the cloud of blue.
It gilds the wanton rain.
Your day, my night; my dark, Your light;
Not healed, but softer pain.

Though dark day storms, the rain that warms
Has made my sorrows fair.
Through cloud, light shows -- Your daughter knows
There must be angels there.