To just take this all away,

No more screaming crows.

No more of all of this.

If I don't make it end,

It all falls.

So I will stay,

To watch it collapse on me.

What would be just a little more pain?

So what if I crash?

I already burn...

These burns, they tingle and sting.

Everything complicated.

Twisting around my neck like a noose.

I cannot breathe,

I cannot breathe.

No screams,

No sound,

Trying so hard to scream...

So hard to breathe.

And knowing I can't.

I'll just die here,

Twined in this mess.

The pain kills me,

Why bother to cry if you can never stop?

I see my fingers turning blue,

Snatching for something to stop this strangulation,

The wooden beams that hold this deadly rope so high above me.

Nothing to hold onto,

Becoming so weak...

Something I always have been...

My weakness and fear consuming like this blackness, this death.

Just too much pain.

It will not stop.

My body is quickly becoming limp,

I can no longer fight,

So powerless, so tired.

I don't believe in angels, so I will die alone...

The way I knew I would.

I don't know why I fought.

I always wanted this to end.

My burns, numbing,

My mind... numbing as well...


When I was so high.

It's fading,

The pain has become dull,

All of it...

So numb.

No feeling,

Just blur,

When it all darkens.