Warning: This story prologue includes: Under age sexual contact, incest, and homosexuality between males (as opposed to between carrots). Reference to violence, and extremely bad language also included. All of this is right from the go so if your likely to be offended bgger off now. As with all my writing it includes perversion (eventually…), and crppy writing (Eye flailed Englishisms). I also delated the vowls from some of the swear words to try and keep the rating out of the MA range (which isn't excepted on Fiction Press). Yadda yadda more warning stuff… I'm board…

Some days you wake up, and it's like destiny says: "Yeah? Well fck you!", and you know it's gonna be one of the worst days of your life.

It's the morning of my 16th birthday, and right now he's lying on top of me, I'm amazed I didn't wake up sooner, must be the hang over. I'm only wearing thin pyjamas, I can feel his cck against my ass, his breathing chest against my back, his head propped on his arms next to mine…

"Meths!" Gotta get him off me, before something down there starts to react. I can hear his sexy morning groans, doesn't help.

"Timmy?" He shifts and looks down at me. "Wrong bed."

"Damn right wrong bed!" Finally I manage to pull myself out from under him, only to discover, he is in fact naked. Must have been planning a night attack. His sandy hair's a messy, sticking out at all angles; he rubs it with one large hand. The muscles across his tanned chest ripple as he moves.

"Dude, where you looking?"

My eyes snap up from his chest to face, gotta gain control of myself, Meths is staring at my erection now.

"Where are you looking?!" I demand, pulling a pillow across that area. Like I said, thin pyjamas.

"You want some?" Meths leans forwards, crawls on all fours across the bed, I know I should be running away now, but my brain's too jumbled to realise this, so I just sit like a idiot while he pulls me down and straddles me. The bstrd's still not hard, he's just playing with me. "You want this?"

"-Timmy boy?"

We both look up to the open door, where the dark beauty of our landlord stands.

"Morning Roe." Meths sounds calm.

"Meths what the hell are you doing?! He's fifteen!" Roe wrenches Meths off me, and I immediately cover the evidence that this was mutual, missing the fact Roe's clearly forgotten it's my birthday.

"This wouldn't happen if you'd satisfy me-"

"You'd turn to my brother?!" Roe pushes Meths out of my bedroom and slams the door, locking it. "This is why I tell you to lock your door." He sits on my bed, one long leg folded under him, the other foot on the floor. I can't look him in the eye right now, and curl my legs up tighter. That boners still there. I hear him sigh and lean forwards. "I'll kick him our today."

"No! -Um, he has no where else to go, right?"

"You're always telling me to get rid of him…?" My brother's fingers, in my hair.

"I'll… I'll lock my door, he's your friend, right?"

"Timmy, you're so cute…"

"Hey!" I swatted away his hand. "I'm not!"

"Always putting others first-"

"Take it back! I'm not cu-cute!" I'm a normal fifteen year old 'lad', I'm rude, violent, disobedient, and have an aversion to anything cute!

"Mum would be so proud!" Roe pulled my head in and kissed my hair. My whole body was tense, if I could get up and run away I would have, but I was still rock hard from this morning. "And you smell so good…!"

"Roe, stop it!" I tried to push him off, I know Roe's a huggy person, but I'm not. I really wouldn't mind if this was Meths though… But then Meths is in 'this' kinda relationship with Roe… "…Please!" My first love and my brother/guardian/landlord. On top of that, Roe's a really nice person! I'm so jealous!

"Timmy?" Roe climbed off me, but I don't wanna look at him right now. "Is this over Meths?"

Yeah, damn right it's over Meths, I'm competing for my brothers' lover!

"I'm sorry Tim, I wont let him touch you again…"

Yeah, right. It's a nice thought, but that bastard loves to play with my head. Why? Because it's the easiest way to get to Roe.


I was five when our parents died, Roe dropped out of college and took over the hotel, he raised me. For eight years it was bliss, best friends and brothers. Then he came. Meths told Roe he'd just finished his PhD and needed some where to live while he got a job (that was three years ago), my too kind brother offered to put up his old college pal.

I was twelve. Came home from school to a dark house. Half way down the corridor I was ambushed and shoved up against the wall, I thought it was a burglar, and tried to scream, but he stuffed something in my mouth, I find out later it's his underwear.

For a whole hour he tied me up and terrorized me. I don't really remember it, but I know I pissed myself, he never lets me forget that. I think I was on the verge of a nervous break down when Roe came home. I remember his warm safe arms, carrying me upstairs, I remember hearing his voice yelling in the hall for hours, but I couldn't make out what he was saying. I just remember what Meths told me. It's a memory of a memory, he said…

"So you're the reason he left college? Moved away? Left me? You wont win, I wont let you take him from me 'little brother', Roe's mine."

What scared me the most was the thought of my brother leaving me. This new threat, taking him from me. Meths cornered me after that, told me it was a game that'd he'd taken too far, but if I came between him and Roe, he'd take Roe where I'd never see him again. When I saw the way he changed, the way he acted around Roe, that smarmy likable person he became I knew it was true, you could be taken in by that.

He used it on me too; when Roe wasn't around. He was always so confident, so in control, I forgot what he did to me. It all changed when I hit puberty.

Soon after my 13th birthday, Meths walked in on me masturbating. He asked if I wanted to see what an adult penis looked like, then got his out. Taught me to give him a hand job. He said if I didn't cooperate he'd tell my brother what a dirty perverted thing I did alone. I didn't really know what, or why this was going on. Roe walked in. Just as I was licking the head of Meths cock. I was shocked, Meths just smirked.

Roe ripped us apart, threw me to the floor, screamed for me to get out the house. For some reason I couldn't go past the end of the stairs. I waited there. I couldn't make out what Roe was saying, it was incoherent. As Meths left I bed room, I heard him calling back.

"You're little brother's not so innocent." Then Roe was screaming for him to get out. Meths caught me at the stairs. "This is your fault, for being so dirty. Your brother hates you now. If I leave I'll take him with me."

I was stupid, and believed him.

Not any more! I refuse to get used by that bstrd! I'm not dumb now, I know what sex is, I know my brother wont leave, I know I'm in the right! But the irony is, the day I confronted Meths on this, was the day I realised my feelings for him. What he said actually came true, I turned into a dirty pervert, and if my brother ever found out he'd die from shame.

Meths never lied to me, he never said he liked me, I'm just 'fun', a distraction while he waits for Roe. At first I didn't want to give my brother to Meths, now I don't want to give Meths to my brother. Either way I'm always trying to come between them, using the excuse I hate Meths, who just smirks when I say that.


"Two eggs, bacon and toast!" Meths is reading a newspaper, waiting at the kitchen table. I have half a mind to goss in it.

"Make it yourself."

He smirks. "Want me to tell your precious brother about your hard on this morning?"

I have a hard on most morning when I wake up, some one said it was natural. But it's still embarrassing, and I can still feel my cheeks going pink.

"Your brothers going out of town tonight, right? He's asked me to go with him."

I fumbled with the toaster, feeling Meths hot breath on the back of my neck.

"Just me and him, alone for three days, with no disturbances…"

I felt my fingers inadvertently crush the remainder of the bread I was holding.

"Of course, I could be persuaded not to go…"

I turned and glared at him.

"After Roe goes to the supermarket, come up to my room and we'll talk about it."

Roe always waits till I've gone to school before heading out. He doesn't like to leave me and Meths alone together, and who would? Leave their boyfriend and the kid in love with their boyfriend, who their boyfriend threatens to sleep with in order to get your attention?

I waited across the road, behind the bus stop, and watched until I saw Roe walk round the corner, then I headed back into the house.

Some one up there hates me. I was sitting on his bed waiting, when Meths walked in, towel wrapped round his waist, tanned body glistening damp from the shower. I felt my throat tighten.

"Didn't expect you back so soon."

"Liar!" I tried to make it past out of the door, but he grabbed both my shoulders. I didn't want to struggle because it occurred to me his towel might loose its already slipping grip on those chiselled hip bones…

"Sit down!" He threw me back on the bed then picked up his phone, I wanted to ask what he was doing, and waiting here was making me impatient. After a few minutes he discarded the phone and smirked at me. "Now lets discuss this." He leant over me, I could almost taste the sent of the shower, and for a brief second I wanted to taste his skin.

"Wha-what are you-"

"Don't ask dumb questions, what other reason would I have for calling you up to my room?"

Damn hormones, I was unable to argue, he stood me up and told me to get undressed. I argued, he said so my uniform wouldn't get dirty, then took off my trousers and shirt. He turned on some loud rock music and pulled me onto the bed on top of him, his rough hands, one on my back the other on the back of my head. I closed my eyes to hold back the tears. Don't think your betraying brother… His tongue, his lips, making me unable to think, his hand on my back pulling my naked chest down against his, warm and damp… Why wasn't this turning me on? Why was I still arching my ass to keep away from that area? Why was I remembering Roe's face, angry, like the first time…

There was a crash, Roe had kicked over the CD player on his way past, he'd ripped me off Meths, I felt the hard floor against my ass, there was shouting, Meths voice…

"I just came out the shower and that little slut jumped on me! Who am I to refuse?!" Roe was screaming and waving his arms around. "Maybe if you satisfied me I wouldn't have to look else where!" There was more shouting, my legs were shaking, I gripped my knees to try and keep them still, but they weren't listening. Someone said something, ahh that's right, 'Timothy', that's me. I wish I could make out who it is, my eyes are kinda misty.

"That doesn't look consensual to me!"

"That's an act, he was well up for it!"

"I think I know my brother, he's shaking!"

"You really do have a brother com!"

"Shut up!"

"Don't forget I know all about you Roe!"

"Shut up!"

"Your brothers a whore! You can't deny what you walked in on! He was on top!"

"If you ever touch my brother again I'll kill you!"

"If you satisfy me-"

"-If I'm not gonna touch you before, I sure as hell wont touch you after you molest my brother!"

"That depraved little slag is gagging for it! If he didn't get it from me he'd be walking the streets! If you're so mad, do it yourself!" Meths voice dropped to a dangerous and low whisper. "I know you want to!"

"That's enough Meths!" Was Roe getting angry?

"Aren't you worried? I mean, I know you said you're gonna wait 'til he's 16 an' all, but aren't you worried I'll take away your cute little brother's innocence before you have the chance?"

"You're so naïve Timmy." I get it now… "You're so cute!" So that's what he meant. Brother likes me the way I like Meths… Meths who's only using me to get brothers attention. Oh it's too funny… Some one's laughing, laughing hysterically. Hey, that's me laughing. What does it matter? The brother I always thought of as a parent was waiting 'til today, my 16th birthday, to take my virginity, and he told this to some one else, I wasn't coming between them, Meths was coming between us.

My forehead felt dry and hot, my brain ached. I was in a nice soft bed… This is Roe's bed.

"You're awake then."

I rolled over, Roe was lay the other side, watching me.

"Gonna tell me what happened?"

"I don't remember…"

"I walked in on you, in your underwear, kissing Meths. Wanna tell me why?" I couldn't answer. "He said it's happened before." Why am I so scared? "He says you're a slut." There's something in Roe's voice now, something I don't like. "You wanna tell me what happened?" Roe pulls himself up and pins himself on top of me. I wonder when he grew this tall? Or should I say this threatening… I tried not to look in his eyes, but he grabbed my chin and pulled my face round. "He told me you'd been at it for ages, always throwing yourself at him, he tells me that a lot. I said it wasn't true, my brother wouldn't do anything like that, then I leave this morning, I'm half way to the shop when I get a text, saying if I want proof on how much of a 'little slut' my brother is, to come home now, cause your putting on a show."


"I thought he'd be forcing you, so I ran all the way, and there you are, with him, doing that! And it doesn't look like the first time, it's true isn't it? What he said? That's why you told me not to kick him out this morning!"

Why are my legs shaking? Why can't I answer? I don't want to argue, I don't want to make Roe mad, I just want him to stop scaring me, but all I can do is whimper.

He sits on my chest, my brother, his knees splayed apart, one hand reaches down to the zipper of his flies.

"Come on slut, open up."


That was 18 days ago.

"Happy birthday."

The streets are cold, even in summer. That night I stole three hundred pounds, and got a train to anywhere. From the train, I saw Meths, standing on the platform smirking. I wanted to scream at him, but I just ducked down below the window. I suppose he finally won, he took my kind, gentle and caring brother away, and in his skin left a vicious demon, much like Meths himself.

Authors note: Screw the warning, I wanna write about carrots!