If it were up to me

I would kiss the sky's thousand tears
Away from your flawless eyes
And take you dancing between lightning

The whispers of the trees would be our music
The caress of the wind would leave us naked

If it were up to me

The moon would smile upon the sun
Stars would roam the day

Sleeping on clouds- cosmic mysteries winking at us
We'd fly away on the back of a great butterfly

Breaking strings of the Angel's harp
Laughing at their lack of harmony

Sliding down rainbows for mere pleasure

If it were up to me

The perfect world would need no
More than what already we have

The raw pleasure of singing-
I'd sing your name forever

When the rose blooms around us
And envelopes us into soft red petals

Where we know everything but are
Hopeful with dreams and shooting stars

If it were up to me

I'd sleep in your arms
And listen to your voice forever