DISCLAIMER: I own the characters in the story and i do NOT own the bands, books, movies, or any other propaganda in the story. Agian these characters are from my own doing and are not taken from any other author.


chapter 1: New friends

Kylie walked slowly down the hall, tugging gently at the sleeves of her Fall Out Boy hoodie, causing the too big sleeves to go to the tips of her fingers. kylie was your typical "emo kid". she wore the black too tight hoodies, scuffed up converse shoes, wore stripy knee socks, fingerless gloves, and had eyeliner on at all times. she was one of the few emo kids that she knew who didnt cut herself though. quietly, kylie entered the front office of the highschool and sat inthe uncomfortably hard plastic chairs put there for the misbehaving students. now I know what your thinking. kylie is just another trouble making kid sent to the office for getting into trouble. wrong. she was a new student who had moved to wilmette, illinois a week before from new york. when she had found out that she was moving to wilmette she nearly died because it was the home town to her favorite band, Fall Out Boy. she herself played guitar, but harldy anyone knew that. as she sat waiting for the counseler to give her her new schedual, she pulled out her iPod and started to listen to My Cemical Romance's "you know what they do to guys like us in prison" and sang along quietly. out of the corner of her eye she saw movement and turned to stare at possibly the most beautiful creature she had ever seen.

He had striking eyes, the same shade of turquoise that seemed to see right through to your soul, as cliche as that sounded. His hair was a sort of,glowing, onyx with red tips which was cut into the "emo" hairstyle that was so popular at the time. he wore a too tight hoodie advertising Cute Is What We Aim For, kylie's second favorite band, along with hollister girl-jeans, a hot pink polo under the hoodie, a white stud belt, and a pair of classic converses that had little doodles on the white part that covered the toe. she just gaped at him for a few moments, until he turned around and stared back at her. "uhm...can I ask why your staring at me like that?" he asked her with a hint of amusment in his smooth, deep voice. Kylie blushed a deep red. "erm...well..I..." luckily the counselor came in at that moment and saved her from further embarassment. "ms. Astren, here is your schedual, along with your locker number, and combination. If you run into any problems, feel free to come and speak to me in my office and i will try to help you sort them out." the elderly woman smiled kindly to her and turned back towards her office.

As kylie got up to leave, she felt a hand wrap around her tiny wrist and hold her back from the door. she turned around and came very close to the boy who was sitting next to her a few moments before. so close in fact, that she could smell the mixture of smoke and winter green on his breath. the smell was so intoxicating to her, that her vision wavered for a moment. "I never got your name." the boy said, a small smile crawling across his perfect features. "its kylie astren. and you are...." she answered, returning the small smile. "It's taylor richards. gimmie your schedual so i can see if we have classes together." kylie handed taylor the little sheet of paper. "hmm...we have, english, drama, algebra, art III, and study hall together. if you like, I can show you around the school if you wait justa little longer. you see i kinda got caught smoking under the bleachers agian, and the principal has to dish out some of his shitty punishment agian. prolly just another weekend detention." he tugged on one of kylie's electric blue highlights as he told her this. "s-sure. I'll just sit here and wait for you." she replied, a girlish giggle escaping her lips. quietly, taylor chuckled along with her and pushed her gently down into the little chair agian. "right then...see you in a few." and he disappeared into the principals office.