A/N: this chapter is slightly graphic. I'm sorry for those who don't like to read things like that but still like this story, It doesnt last long so if you like, you can just skim that part.

CHAPTER 5: Best friends with bras on their heads

Early the next morning, Kylie woke up to loud singing coming from the living room. "THE ROOMS HAVE A HINT OF ESBESTACE AND MAYBE JUST A DASH OF FROUMALDIHIDE!" Kylie walked groggily down the stairs to where the loud screeching was coming from. Once she got to the downstairs landing, she saw a sight that would suprise even the weirdest of people. In the middle of the room, on top of the coffee table, there was Taylor dancing in his spiderman underwear with Kylies black and red striped bra on his head like a hat, singing into a whisk at the top of his lungs to Panic! at The Disco's "build god, then we'll talk" like he was Brendon Urie himself. Kylie stared for a moment then burst out laughing. Taylor quickly came to his senses and stopped singing.

"Erm...kitty? Exactly how much did you see?"

"Since-esbestace-ahaa-froumaldihide-can't-breathe!"Kylie got out between fits of laughter. Taylor flushed an embarrassed red as he got off of the table while taking Kylies bra off of his head and pulling his pants on.

"Aw tator i'm sorry. come here." Kylie pulled Taylor into a hug trying to comfort his embarassment. Taylor nuzzled his face into Kylies hair, seeing as he was a good 5 of 6 inches taller than her. Kylie had to stifle the shudder that tried to run down her spine. Taylors arms wrapped slowly around Kylies waist. This time, she could not stop the r shudder. This caused Taylor to pull her closer and lift her face up with his index finger and thumb to where she was lavel with his face. His eyes steemed to stare right through her. Next thing she knew he caught her into a hungry kiss. Her eyes widened a moment from the shock of the force but she slowly fell into sync with Taylors movements. Before she knew what was happening, Taylors tongue was exploring all of the places in her mouth and she wasn't rejecting anything. Her arms snaked slowly around Taylors neck for support agianst the melting kiss. Tayor pulled her closer and deepened the kiss, but made it more gentle. Slowly he pulld her towards the couch so they didn't have to stand in the middle of the room. Once the got to the couch, he lay them both down. Slowly his hand made its way up Kylies thin tshirt and his fingers traced little designs on her stomach. Kylie ran her hands though Taylors thick, soft hair. At one point during the kiss, she even purred which caused Taylor to make the kiss a little harder.

This went on for about fifteen minutes before they stopped to breathe. "Where did that come from?" Kylie asked, lust still clouding her eyes.

"I'm not really all that sure. But hell if I didn't enjoy it."Taylor responded with a sly grin playing at his lips.

"Has anybody ever told you, that you're a great kisser?" Kylie asked, while smoothing out her rumpled hair.

"A couple of people but I never really believed them. You are too, kitty kat. That little pur back there drove me wild."

"I'm not even really sure where that came from." Kylie said, blushing a little.

"Well I have a little suprise for you kitty kat." And Taylor pulled out two slips of paper from the back pocket of his now wrinkled jeans. "I figured you would wanna see what their home shows were like." and he handed the slips of paper to her. All he got in response was a loud screech while getting tackled to the ground and kissed repeatedly.

"OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODICAN'TBELIEVEYOUGOTMETHESEIT'SEVENASECRETSHOWOHTATORTOTYOUARETHEAWESOMESTPERSONIKNOW!" It took taylor a minute to decipher what Kylie had just said but once he got it he said, "you welcome kitty. I know you love fall out boy to death so i decided to get you tickets to the show coming out here"


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