Large Disk

By:Andrew Troy Keller

I had finally came home to pay a visit

To my family,only to see that it

Was a extremely bad time for me to pay

That visit,because it was on that day

That my old house and everyone inside it

Had been destroyed by something

That should really be zooming

Around in the darkest reaches of outer space,

Instead of blasting away this little place

Known as the planet Earth for nothing.

Then suddenly,a strange-sounding voice had

Caused me to move from the destroyed pad

And over to a nearby clearing,

Where I had discovered such a shocking

Scene in which human beings had

Been hearded into this large disk and

Being used as food by the intergalactic band.

That was before one of them aims his blaster

At me and demanded to show him my fear,

Only to have me smash his face with my hand.