The Vampire

By: Elizabeth Martin


Elizabeth's blood red hair was gelled down towards the back of her neck, her once rosy lips were now painted black with streams of blood dripping down from her bottom lip. She was sitting down on a leather couch made for two people, with her leg crossed over the other. She tapped her cigarette that was in her right hand on an ashtray that was sitting on top of a nightstand near the couch.

Her lime green eyes and her penetrating black pupils were fixed on the tv that was across from her. She was watching the news. " Suspects say that a young woman killed a Cuban officer because she was pulled over for speeding in a black Jaguar."

Moaning came from the floor. Elizabeth looked down and saw a dying Cuban sprawled with blood leaking out of his neck. She threw her cigarette in the pool of blood and said in Spanish, " Still alive? Your very strong for a sixteen-year old."

The young man rolled over on his back and touched his wounded neck. Elizabeth licked her bottom lip closed her eyes and said in ectasy," Virgin blood. Very tasty."

" Who are you?" the young man asked.

" Who are you? To come into my room and look through my stuff?" Elizabeth snapped.

" My friends dared me. They said a witch lived here."

" Ha! I bet they dared you to do that after they dared you to take some weed."

" Please let me live," his eyelids were opening slightly. They were a dark torquoise. Very rare to find.

Elizabeth's eyes widened just a tad bit. See she had lazy eyes so she didn't really look that surprised.

" It's too late. You already died," Elizabeth smirked blowing smoke out of her nose.

The Cuban opened his eyes all the way and touched his neck. His wound was not there. He grabbed onto the television and pulled himself up. He started to breathe hard and then he stopped.

He turned around and looked at Elizabeth who just stared at his eyes. His eyes widened and he opened his mouth. His teeth started to get sharper and longer. His nails looked like glass and his black curly hair became straight and lifeless. His brown skin went completely white and his dark turqouise eyes grew big black pupils.

The transformation stopped and he said," What is going on with me?"

" Your going through puberty," Elizabeth said and laughed her eyes flashing red.

The young man backed up and knocked over the television. It crashed onto the floor and broke. He yelled, " HELP!"

Elizabeth stood up and punched him in the face making him fall down on his chest. She put her high heeled leather boot on top of his head and said, " You want to have life? Well here it is. Now don't go calling for help. I could've killed you for trespassing. Now I'm going to knock you unconscious and when you wake up you won't remember anything. You will be normal again."

Elizabeth took her boot off of his head and kicked him so hard across the face he went unconcious...


Miguel's eyes fluttered open. He was looking at his ceiling fan. He thought about what happened last night. He was with his friends and his girlfriend at the beach. His girlfriend had to go home. He and his friends stole some drinks from the store. They pulled out weed and they smoked...then he broke into a hotel room and got attacked by some witch.

Miguel shook his head and thought, no way. He got out of his bed. He was in his boxers and some mitch match socks. He looked into the mirror and saw that everything about him was normal. He didn't turn into any witch or anything bizzare. He had his curly black hair, brown skin, and dark turqouise eyes he inherited from his dad that he never met.

He looked at his digital clock that sat upon his drawer. It was 8:30. School started 5 minutes ago. " Mierda!" He went threw his dirty clothes basket hoping to find somethin clean. He picked out some jeans and a dirty white t-shirt. He put on his black vans and stormed out the house with his skateboard.

It was a cloudy day and it looked like it was about to rain and he forgot his jacket. He rode his skateboard at a fast pace while his hair blew in the wind. His cell phone rang. He got distracted and fell off his skateboard. It rolled into the middle of the street but a black car stopped an inch away from it.

Miguel got on his feet and brushed the dirt off his shirt. He then looked at the car. It was a black jaguar. There was a woman's pale arm hanging out from the window and in her hand was a familiar looking cigarette.

Miguel touched his neck because it started to sting. The woman's hand dropped the cigarette and said in a deep Russian accented voice, " Are you going to get your skateboard? Or just stand there and admire my car?"

The voice sounded familiar too. Miguel was too scared to go in front of the car. What if she ran him over in broad daylight?

The woman came out of her car. She looked like a Victoria Secret Manikin. She was tall, slender, and pale. She had these icy gray eyes that looked really sexy. She wore tight leather pants with chains that hung from the pockets and a red and black corset that was tightly wrapped around her waist and upper body.Her hair was died dark blue and went all the way down her lower back.

The woman walked over to Miguel's skateboard, picked it up, and cracked it in half over her knee. She threw the skateboard out of the street." Keep your mierda out the street!" she hissed. She got back in her car and sped off.

Miguel ran into the middle of the street to see the license plate of the car but she was already gone. He looked at the ground and saw the cigarette. He picked it up and looked at it. It was half way smoked. It said around the bud in golden numbers,"444."

He never heard of a cigarette called "444." But what did he know he only smoked weed. Miguel looked at the skateboard she ruined. " How did she do that?" he said in Spanish. His cell phone rang again. He looked at the caller i.d. It said," Jessica." His girlfriend.

" Aloha?" he answered.

" Miguel! Baby are you alright? I've been calling you all night!" she said in a frantic tone.

" Yeah. Why?"

" Carlos, Jesus, and Jose were standing out of the hotel you went into. They said you were high and you went into someone's room. They waited there for an hour and then heard you yell 'help.' And they all ran into the hotel and banged on the room you went into. They said some lady with red hair answered the door and said ' That she didn't hear anything.And no one came in there.'"

" So all that was real!" Miguel yelled.

" What was?" Jessica said.

" That lady bit me like she was some kind of vampire. And almost killed me. But she let me live!"

" No you were high. There's no such thing of vampires."

" I'm going back to that hotel," Miguel said and hung up.

Miguel saw the bus coming to the bus stop. He ran to the bus stop and got on the bus. The bus smelled the usual. Like piss and old people. He walked to the back of the bus and sat down near a black girl with dreds. She was pretty. Her eyes were large and black, her lips were voluptous and had a piercing.

" Hey don't you go to my school?" the girl said.

Miguel nearly jumped when she said that.

" Hey...loosen up," she said and placed her hand on his knee.

" Yeah. I'm sorry. I'm just a little freaked out that's all," Miguel said his voice shaking.

" Why?"

" Uh I got high last night had some bad dreams and just now some lady broke my skateboard."

" Broke your skateboard?" she said perplexed.

" Yeah with her knee and hands," Miguel said honestly.

" Did you know her?"

" No."

" Well you know your on the wrong bus for school," she said.

" Yeah I know. Im trying to get to that fancy hotel near the beach," Miguel said.

" Ooo meeting your girlfriend there?" she said,

" No not really. Just trying to figure something out."

" Well I'm going to the beach so we can walk the same way," she said.

" Um what's your name?" Miguel asked.

" Brenda Jones," she said and smiled.

" Not to be rude but it sounds like you just made that up," Miguel said and laughed hesitantly.

" Yeah everyone says that. Sounds so original. So what's your name?"

The bus stopped at a stoplight. Miguel looked out the window and at the people everywhere. He felt his neck even though it wasn't stinging. " Um my name is Miguel Hernandez."

" So what are you? Junior?"

" Yeah. And you?"
" I'm a Junior too. I thought I saw you at the Junior Halloween dance. Weren't you dressed as a vampire?"

Miguel jumped.

" What?"

" Uhm the bad dream I had was about vampires. But no I wasn't a vampire I was a werewolf my girlfriend was a vampire we were copying off of 'Underworld,'" Miguel said and licked his lips. He was thirsty and wanted to smoke.

" So you do have a girlfriend?" Brenda said.

" Yeah. But I'm getting tired of her. She clings onto me too much. It gets on my nerves," Miguel said.

The bus stopped.

" Well this is our stop," Brenda said and stood up.

They walked off the bus and down the street. Brenda took her jacket out of her backpack and put it on. It started to rain. She put her hoodie over her head. " You don't have a jacket?"

" No. But I'm starting to like the rain. It's nice and warm," Miguel said closing his eyes and sighing.

" What the hell are you talking about it's cold as ice?" Brenda said looking at him like he was crazy.

Miguel stopped in front of a hotel. The hotel that he was at last night. He looked at it and said, " This is it."

" Looks pretty empty in there you want me to go in there with you?" Brenda said.

Miguel nodded his head. They both went into the deserted hotel. It was very big and spacious. The carperting design was very unique and the candles were scented rose. On the check in counter it had a sign that said " Out For Lunch."

" I guess they forgot to lock the doors," Brenda said.

" Let's take the stairs," Miguel said.

" Why are we even here?"

" It's something personal."

They walked up the stairs to the fourth floor. It was just as elegant as dwonstairs. But it was just a skinny long narrow hallway. With rooms everywhere. Click.Click. " Did you hear that?" Miguel said quickly.

"Yeah it sounded like a lighter," Brenda said walking forward. " Hello? Is anyone there?" she said. But no one answered. They walked down the hallway until they saw a door wide open to a room. The door number said, "555."

" This is the room I broke into," Miguel said.

" You broke in here?" Brenda said.

Miguel didn't answer he just looked into the room and saw that it was dark. He walked in and flicked on the light. This was the place. The leather couch, the shattered televison, and the blood that stained the carpet.

" I-I think I'm going to leave," Brenda said her voice shaking.

Miguel ignored her as she walked away. He bent down over the circular shaped pool of blood and saw a burnt out cigarette. He picked it up and exmained it. This was the cigarette that she put out. It had dry blood at the tip and on it it said in golden numbers," 555."

" I knew you would come back," a woman's familiar voice said.

Miguel turned around and fell back against the couch.His neck started to sting badly. There was the woman. The short blood red hair, the pale ghost skin, the Angelina Jolie black painted lips, and the penetrating lime green eyes. Her eyes remind him of an owl's. They were so big yet so impassive.In her right hand she held a lit cigarette and in her left she held a black lighter.

He grabbed his neck and said," What did you do to me last night?"

" I gave you death and life," she said and puffed on her cigarette.

" What?"

" You are now apart of this family. You are the first male in four months to join us and produce more of our kind. But a better breed. You are Miguel the Vampire. Who am I? I am Elizabeth the Vampire," she said walking over to Miguel.

" If your a vampire then how are you able to walk around in daylight?" Miguel asked.

" Evolution. Evolving every new century," Elizabeth said her eyes flashing red.

" So you've turned me into a vampire? Why don't I have fangs?" Miguel asked as he stood up on his feet.

" You are a new generation of vampires. You are human now but when the sun goes down you will be a beast. Feed off of human blood as an appetizer then you will feed off the whole entire body," Elizabeth explained her long shadow towering over Miguel.

" I didn't know vampires could enjoy the pleasure of having a cigarette," Miguel now looking up at her.

Elizabeth threw the cigarette against the wall," You do not know a lot of things about us. You have lots of learn that I can not help you with. You have to find out all by yourself. What kind of blood you can feed on? What can kill you? And lots of more questions that need to be answered."

" Why did you do this to me?" Miguel asked getting up on his feet.

" Why did you bring that girl into my hotel. She had nothing to do with us. Now she's dead," Elizabeth said and smirked," All becuase of you."

Miguel's eyes widened with fear." No!" He ran out the room as Elizabeth laughed wickedly letting her voice echo through the hallways.He ran down the stairs and tripped over something and fell down. He got up and looked back and saw that what he tripped over was Brenda's dead body. She was on her back with her eyes full of emptyness, her skin gone grey, and her mouth slightly parted with trickles of blood slowly dripping out of the corner of her mouth.

" No!" Miguel yelled pullling his hair. His torquoise eyes flashed red and a growl escaped from his mouth. " NO!!!! " he roared. He felt anger bubbling in his stomach. He grabbed onto the wall making it crack. He breathed hard and then he felt his fangs growing. But it wasn't night it was still morning.

Miguel stumbled down the stairs and ran outside the hotel.It was no longer raining hard it was sprinkling. He felt his skin...leaking? He looked at his arms and saw neon blue fluids leaking out of him. It was like one of those Gatorade comercials but when this fluid hit the ground it turned to normal human blood. Miguel squinted his eyes, looked up at the sky, and saw the sun emerging from the grey clouds. His eyes stung and he hissed.

" Hey man are you alright?" a bystander asked coming up to Miguel placing his hand on his shoulder.

Miguel roared and swung and hit the stranger with his razor sharp claws. The man fell down and yelled. Everyone screamed and ran. Miguel ran back into the hotel and into the darkness. He blew out the rose scented candles and got on his hands and knees and sighed.

His skin stopped sweating, his claws went back to normal, his eyes went back torquoise, and his canines changed normal. Suddenly glass was being broken everywhere. Miguel got up and looked around.

There was Elizabeth and the woman who broke his skateboard standing tall with bottles of alcohol in their hands. Elizabeth threw one of the bottles at the floor and broke it. " Miguel I believe you've already met Gabriella."

" Why did you kill Brenda?! She did nothing to you!" Miguel yelled.

" She trespassed! And you have revealed everyone our place! Now..." Elizabeth took out a lighter, bent down, and flicked it on. The carpet caught on fire circling around Miguel.

" We must relocate," Gabriella said finishing Elizabeth's sentence.

Smoke filled the hotel. Elizabeth and Gabriella both disappeared. " Help!!! " Miguel yelled. He pulled out his cell phone and dialed 911.

The phone rang.

" 9-1-1 how may we assist you?" a lady said.

" I'm in a fire at a hotel near the only beach in town! Please come help me!" Miguel yelled.

" Ok sir help is on the way, can you get to higher grounds?"

" No! I'm in the middle of a circle of fire!"

" Ok please stay on the phone. Help his on the way."

Miguel's phone beeped. The battery went dead. " Mierda!" he hissed. The fire was closing in on him but he didn't feel hot. He wasn't sweating and he wasn't coughing from the smoke. He was actually feeling better. It was like the smoke was making him healthier.

He took a step forward and reached his hand through the fire. He pulled it out slowly. He felt nothing. No burns or marks were made. He then went through the flames making his way out of the hotel where the police and fireman were.

Miguel looked around and saw the man that he scratched across the face. He had some parametics around him so he couldn't see him.

" Hey!" a fireman said pointing at Miguel.

Miguel saw someone roll pass him on a skateboard. He pushed him off and got on. " Get him!" somebody yelled. Sirens started up.

Miguel went fast on the skateboard passing the beach. You won't be able to get away Miguel. You might as well just give in. Your on a skateboard. Elizabeth's voice said in his head.

" Shut up!" Miguel yelled.

Miguel. I can get them off your back. Just say it.

Miguel felt something shoot him in his arm. He fell off the skateboard and landed on his back. He looked at his left arm and saw some kind of tranquilizer in him. He was shot like an animal. He pulled it out and moaned as he felt dizzy.

" Yes," Miguel said.

Yes what?

" Yes kill them all!!" Miguel roared...


My eyes fluttered open. I looked around and saw the grey depressing sky. My body felt numb but when I lifted my hand just a bit and rejuvenated. I stood up slowly feeling very weird. I looked around and saw that I was near a tombstone standing on somebody's grave. I looked at the writing on the tombstone it said, " Hernandez, Jovier. 1936- 6-6-06."

My heart leaped. Hernandez? Who could this be? One of my father's relatives probably. He died four months ago. And I didn't even know. I stared at the tombstone and saw blue words light up saying," Death is only the beggining. Dig into my grave and recieve your present."

I backed up and looked around. This place was not familiar. I'm not in Cuba anymore. It was just a vast landscape full of grass and a couple of trees. It was in the middle of nowhere. No roads, no houses, no animals, no civilazation. Just a mountain.

I got on my knees near by the grave and placed my hand on the dry dirt. My hand! It was no longer brown! It was a very pale white. I could see my branches of veins. I looked up my arm and saw all my skin was white. I pulled off my shirt and looked at my pale chest. I could see my heart...slowly beating. I was transluscent.

I felt my hair. It was straight. My teeth. They were canines. My nails. They were claws.


A demonic voice boomed into my head. I grabbed my head and roared. I then thrust my arm into the grave and felt a box. I pulled it out and opened it. Inside of it was a carton of cigarettes with a black lighter. On the carton it said in golden numbers " 666."

" It is time for you to become a true vampire and for you to produce more of us," Elizabeth's voice said behind me.

I turned around and saw her standing tall and still like a statue with a cigarette in her hand as always and a tear of blue blood rolling down her right cheek her eyes still passive and cold.

I stood up with the cigarettes and the box in my hand. It started to drizzle. Once again the sprinkles felt warm to me. " Whose grave is this? And what the hell do you mean 'produce?'"

Elizabeth wiped the tear off her face and said," That is your father's father grave. Your grandfather. He wasn't stubborn like his son but he was dangerous like him. He was told to smoke at least two cigarettes a day to keep him going. From melting from the son. But he couldn't take the life of a vampire...so he deprived himself of his cigs and walked into the sun with a face that showed gladness."

" I watched him melt from my window. I didn't want to stop him because it was his life. So I looked for a new prey. His son. Your father, Efren. He was only sixteen when he got bitten and stayed that age. But he happened to get some lady pregnant before I bit him. He was a stubborn bastard."

" I told him to take those cigarettes your a vampire believe me. He just laughed and pulled out his gun from his back pocket and aimed it to his head and said, ' Not For Long.' And shot himself in the head. How bold of him. I did not see that coming," Elizabeth said and threw the cigarrete on the ground and crushed it with her boot.

" I don't understand. Why do us Hernadez's have to be apart of your vampire lifestyle?" I said.

" Because you have the eyes of the demons," someone said behind me.

I turned around and saw Gabriella with her dark blue hair in a tight bun. Her icy gray eyes turned to the color of mine. She smiled and said, " Your eyes...they don't just hold color. They don't hold anything normal. Your eyes are abnormal. They are ones that just might be able to look at the sun. They are the ones that can ressurect our beloveds. They run in your family. Those eyes can kill us...all. I don't know how? That is your job to figure out."

I was confused. This all didn't make sense. It felt like I was in some kind of horror anime movie.