Forgive and Forget
by: trista groulx

Forgive and forget wisemen tell you
It will lead to your heart's ultimate freedom
Forgive, so easily said and done
Forget, an impossible and ubsurd request
While they say the truth will free you
For who among us seeks not freedom?
Even as so much seeks to shackle
The human spirit longs only for its freedom
But so much comes to weigh upon our hearts
Wise men will preach an impossible mantra
Which tells you to forgive and forget
While forgiveness may be easily done
Forget seems to be an odd request
For who can forget these wounds so deep?
While the mind takes so long to heal
Would forget not, erase the lesson learned?
When dealing with matters of the human spirit
Yet many a so called wise man still preach
The most absurd mantra of forgive and forget
While you may forgive and free your heart
Forget will only bring about more pain
For without memory one can never learn
Nor move past the hurt and fear
Forgive, yet never forget we should teach