Hell's Fury

Chapter 1. The Boy Who Gambled With Satan

The war between Heaven and Hell had once again broken out on earth. This time its alias was World War Three. It had struck America without warning. China, Korea, and other nations sympathetic to the cause of destroying the United States had united and focused their resources on one surprise attack that devastated the States. Millions were killed on the first night, and millions more are still being killed to this day. The real victims, however were the survivors. Many were maimed beyond any hope of a full recovery, but those were not the worst. The worst were the ones who were physically intact, but mentally destroyed. Seventeen year-old Victor Crimson was one of those victims. He had watched his family incinerated by a heat grenade right before his eyes, His best friend Lucey had her eyes pulled out by bored soldiers, and his dearest cousin Shane had most of his limbs crushed in a collapsing building that had been hit by a bomb, but Victor had come out amazingly unscathed. He had had nothing personally done to him, but he had seen all of those he held dear destroyed by this war. He didn't care about himself any more, he just wanted revenge.

Victor had been wandering about aimlessly in rage unsure of what to do, but this only showed him more of the destruction the war had brought. Over time he lost his compassion and decided he hated humans. He wanted to kill the miserable society that was capable of this destruction, and he soon realized the best way to quickly become capable of performing such a task. He went back to the place he and his friends had sworn they would never return to. The place they all nearly lost their souls to Satan. He walked for days, through woods, up hills, and over brush. Finally he came to the small meadow that he had and his friends had stumbled across what seemed like so many years ago. He stood about trying to recall what had happened that fateful day.

"Victor! Wait up! Shane is about to die back here!" He turned to see the beautiful five foot five brunette trouncing up behind him. "I know you're curious, but what good will hurrying do if it kills Shane!" Victor gazed over Lucey's shoulder to find the six foot fat blond boy who was his loyal companion and cousin Shane. He was panting, and seemed ready to pass out.

"All right! I'll stop! I just wanted to find the camping spot before sundown!" The group rested a bit and then returned to the hike. After another twenty minutes the group found themselves in a small meadow. "Ok! We're here!" Victor cried, and they all immediately began to unpack their backpacks.

"Victor, what is that?" Lucey was pointing at a strange light that seemed to emanate from the center of the field. Suddenly the small light burst into a brief release of flames, and then the flames subsided into the most beautiful man any of them had ever seen.

"Hello there. I am Lucifer. Would you like to place a bet? If you win you will all receive great prizes." The beautiful man smiled a perfect smile, one that seeped with an elegant malevolence. Victor smirked.

"Al right. I'll place a bet!" He sat down on the grass and Lucifer followed in suite.

"What game shall we play?" Lucifer had pulled a deck of cards out of his neat white robes.

"Black Jack!" The elegant man began to deal with speed. The game lasted for an eternity, but finally Victor made a critical flaw and hit. The new card caused him to bust, and he had lost. Without warning the field burst into flames, and Lucifer began to laugh;

"Foolish child! When you lose to me you lose your soul!" Victor let out a cold laugh.

"You are the one who has been cheated today great trickster, for my soul is not mine to gamble!" Lucifer, who had revealed himself to be Satan himself dropped his look of triumph into a look of horror.

"You are a Christian!? No! It can't be!"

"I am saved. My heart and soul belong to God not me! Take it up with him!" Satan shrieked at the mention of the Heavenly being.

"Damn you boy! I promise to find a way to make your life hell, and the only way to break my curse is to return here to repay your debt! Now be off!" The entire group felt themselves hurtled away, and when they finally did regain consciousness they were back in their own beds.

"That's right! Now I remember! I have a debt to pay." Victor glance about the field one last time then shouted out amongst the ancient warped trees, and the browning autumn grass, "Satan! I'm here to pay what I owe!"

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