by: trista groulx

The faces only seen within the pages of history texts
Still, most everyone has a heartfelt reaction
To the looks upon their faces and the depth within their eyes
The sorrow and the pain which is impossible to imagine
Evoke the word and everyone begins to think the same
The senselessness, the evil, the loss which was felt
For most would never stand to see the waste of human life
While it is not on the same scale now, not even close
We turn blind eyes to the waste of our world, of the present
We look to the past and all of its tragedies, that one still it stings
Always wondering, how did such a violent act be allowed to occur?
How did those people just sit back and watch with such indifference?
Never wanting to help those people suffering, those in need
While tuning out the images of the helpless, the suffering now
Yes, the scale and circumstance now so different today
But the reaction, the human reaction, remains the same
Static in the sand of time, a very human kind of indifference
The history books of our future, will they reflect a similar pattern?
Or will complacency remain until there is a face to demonize?
For it must have a face for all to pass the guilt
We cannot concede, humanity may be the issue