Blood Blue Moon

By Fujimi

A sun,
A moon,
A sign of something new.
You walk back toward the thing that gives you comfort;
'Do you trust me?' it asks.

Tsukiyo, a moonlit night,
The moon, 'tis blue.
'Do you want this pain?'
Is there no ending to this?

Dazed and asleep,
You held me well.
Are you that alone?
You're not far enough away from me.

A blood blue moon;
'I'm sorry I didn't keep pretending.'
A mouth moving,
A sign of something archaic;
A ruthless mind.

'Did you want this pain
Sooner than loneliness—emptiness?'
('I took it away for you . . . remember?' it whispers where you can't reach.)

Blue eyes stare, helpless.
Totemo yasashii me wo shiteta . . .
You had such kind eyes . . .

'Did you trust me?'

I knew I'd be alone again.

09 August 2006