Dagger Smile (version 2)

It's just like dreams

To see pretty women caring for me

While there's an artist who's repainting The Scream

But the one screaming is actually just me

He does it well; it's just how I feel

Stranded and alone with my hands on my ears

Waiting for the chance to kneel

But it's not the scream that I fear

It's her dagger smile, still so clear


Nothing feels right in this cemetery of mine

With stony faced women imposing their muses

That seems to make the world appear totally fine

But nothing is fine; there is nothing I want to lose

So something must be wrong

All these girls are without a clue

To where I truly belong

Which is walking under the sky so blue

With her dagger smile, guiding me through


Inside my bathroom, one of them has undressed

I can't get up my chair glues me in

This girl won't let me rest

She teases me with flashes of skin

So I'm glad I'm wearing sunglasses

Otherwise she'd see my eyes all ablaze

And probably kick me out on my ass

And I'll wander the streets, feeling amazed

All I can see is her dagger smile, making me crazed


The joker sits and proposes a smile

In celebration of the house of the mad

I don't know why he thinks it's so worthwhile

Nobody at all feels glad

So unlike the joker I won't smile for the sake of it

Who hides behind his veil of insanity

But I prefer to swim in it

But even the joker can't take away the profanity

Of her dagger smile, which hid her vanity


And there's a thousand miles inside my head

A million lights flash before my eyes

I'll shout but whisper instead

To the one I most despise

To make her understand

That it's not her that brings out my cruelty

It's the way she stands,

With her looking becomes a duty

Like her dagger smile

Shining in its razor beauty