You can feel it's all coming down

You know it's floating around

It's plain to see

It's clear to me

And we can sit and drink our wine

Because tomorrow may be the end of time


Well you lie and you steal

You think you don't feel

And you know that what you're gonna be

Will never quite be what you can see

But you know like me, that everything will be fine

Because it's not the end of time


Well I've been crazy and I've been a fool

I've drowned pretty ladies by the side of the pool

But you can see me

As I try to bleed

On the wrong side of the line

Because I feel it's the end of time


Well people are born and they make a grave

And in the meantime they give their heads a shave

Because the men in charge all the want is control

They even put a tax on rock and roll

And they pretend that living is a crime

Because they want it to be the end of time


Well the people pretend that life is worth living

So they feel the need just to carry on giving

But they have never tried serving each other

All the want to do is spend time with their lover

Just staring into space and trying to shine

Because it is the end of time


Well the soldiers and sailors they're sick of the killing

The men and women at home aren't so willing

They're sick of the lies and they're sick of the dreams

And the don't wanna hear any more screams

All they want to do is remember when they were nine

Before it's the end of time