(Author's note: This poem is so fabulous when the mathematical words are are actual math signs. But FictionPress won't let them show up. So this is the unfabulous version. I'm sorry.)


An Advanced Equation (Solve for x.)


x plus y equals z,

If y equals you and x equals me.

Where z stands for love,

A million times and above,

x plus y equals z.


But what if y equals 0?

Then x, our forlorn little hero,

Cannot equal z all alone,

Without y's number to add to her own,

So y does not equal z.


What if c joins the equation?

She and y have a relation.

There's too much of a crowd,

Three numbers just aren't allowed

And the equation does not equal z.


But subtract c from both parts

and I know in my heart,

x and y will still equal z.

z all alone, not divided in three.

Yes, x plus y equals z.


I've tried to add x plus b.

Tried q and r and 3 times t.

But x is so damn precise.

She won't go for anyone nice.

She'll let only y give her z.


Now try and solve for this letter,

I'm sure you won't do any better.

Yes, x must be unknown,

For my hard work has shown,

That x without y is merely a letter.


All I can figure, all I can find,

Is x z but minus that y.

x defined by lack of another.

x equals love— less a lover.

x equals z minus y.


If I just knew x's number,

And y would show his true colors,

I'd add their souls on line paper,

Keep them right there for forever,

Writing: "x plus y equals z!"


Think how happy we'd be,

Shouting, "x plus y equals z!"

But no, no more symbols,

No more stupid x-variables,

Just love equals you plus me.