Tear-stained edges

Yellowed by the years

Reviving wistful memories

Quenched only by my fears

Fighting this exhaustion

When will I slip off to dream?

Struggling to stay awake

Praying sleep won't overtake

Me, but alas

For one so young

I feel so very old

Could it have been so long ago

Since when I was first told

That I am not long for this earth?

What precious time has passed!

Foolishly I latch on now

As it slips from my grasp

No longer will I have regrets

No longer will I cry

No longer will my heart beseech

Not understanding why

I have lived my life in tattered pages

And measured it in coffee spoons

Good or bad

It's all I had

But must return it soon

For it was never mine to take

Or horde all to myself

But to give and pour and love,

Not waste upon a shelf.


Tear-stained edges

Slowly numbering the days

In the end,

It's just a story

Paper that fades away.