I walked up a hill
With the rain pouring down
Making red little rivers
On the red clay ground

Though they splashed on my feet
I continued to mount
Though it muddied my toes
Oh the red clay ground

And under my collar
My whole neck around
Stopped the rain on its way
To the red clay ground

Over my lesions it rolled
Where the ticks had dug down
It soothed on its way
To the red clay ground

It gave me no solace
Such is this whole town
I prefer cold hard dirt
To this red clay ground

At the crest of the hill
Boundless puddles I found
For the grass, too, resents it
Oh the red clay ground

Face down in the largest
At the top of the mound
Eyes saw their last
Of the read clay ground

No coughs and no sputters
Just a coarse wheezing sound
As I took what was given
From the red clay ground

You left for the richer
But we miss you around
This languishing puddle
And the red clay ground