The Thing About Babysitters...

"I said no, Sebastion!"

That was my mother's stern reply when I tried to reason with her about letting me just baby sit Sydney. It was probably the umpteenth time I have bugged her about this.

"But it's so unfair!"

I pouted and sighed in frustration seeing my mother rolling her eyes in the reflection on the mirror she stood in front of. She was putting the finishing touches to her face while I sat on the edge of their four-post bed. They were going out again! I swear my parent's party more than me and half the population of the teenagers in Caprice.

"Honey, we're going to be late!" My father calls from downstairs.

It looks like I've lost this battle. I fall back on the bed and stare up at the tope ceiling. I roll onto my side and glance at Mom as she pampers herself one last time. She beckons me and we both descend the stairs. Dad is standing impatiently near the front door all dressed up and his arms crossed. Despite this, he's not a very intimidating man, but he is impatient. He is actually a bit of a softy and the occasional pushover.

I settle myself with a plop on the steps of the stairs and stare at them with my best grumpy face. Of course I know this will not work, but it really doesn't hurt to try. They seem to be ignoring it and continue to fuss over each other a little. Father is helping mother into her coat and once she's in, she goes on to fix his tie. It's all too ridiculous and I shift my gaze to the side, spying my seven year old sister lounging on the sofa watching something on the television.

I personally do not watch much T.V. I find it all pointless, least I tell myself that and read more books than anyone I know. You should see the collection of have stored up in my room. I could make 100,000 dollars easily selling most of it, probably more. I never would, of course. Seriously, are you crazy? Why the hell would I sell such a collection? Ok, unless I absolutely needed to; which I doubt I ever will need to. My family is pretty well off. No need to sell them, everyone is precious. The strange thing is I have awesome memory and have only read each and every book I own once and never again. I don't see the point.

Ding, Dong!

My head shoots forward and I stare at the door. I wonder who they got to baby-sit since Laura left for college. I really hope she's a little more lenient than Laura had been. I stand up and lean against the banister watching intently as my father opened the door. My mouth drops like you see in those cartoons. I almost feel the floor with my chin. My eyes are also completely transfixed. I really can't believe this! Of all the people in this town, all the girls! And they get…get…HIM?

Taylor'fucking' Greene?!

Author's Note - The chapters will be short, but there will be more of them. Also POV will jump from Sebastion to Taylor, perhaps a few other people if I feel there is a need later on.