I have a really big problem.

Shifting uncomfortably in the small cramped space, I try to distract myself but it's impossible, as I can't see anything and all I hear is the twittering of birds.

I have no idea what time it is, being shut in a dark mahogany wardrobe sure can mess with one's internal body clock, but I do know that I have been in here awhile. The cramp in my legs testifies to that. I squirm again being careful not to knock the doors open. I really can't hold it in for much longer, I seriously need to go, and soon.

Now the way I see it, I have two options;

A- I can come out of the closet and fry to cinders or

B- I can pee myself

I really don't want to die again but I also don't want to wet myself. Choices, choices…

Maybe if I run really fast I can get to the loo in time. No that wouldn't work, knowing my luck I'd probably die sitting on the toilet and that really isn't a very dignified way to go. I can just see the headings now; Teen in Toilet Tragedy, Missing 16 year old dies of 3rd degree burns whilst sitting on her loo. I'd be a laughing stock!

Then again if anyone ever found out I'd weed myself when I was hiding in my teeny wardrobe, I'd never be able to live that down. Of course on the bright side at least I'd still be alive.

If only I hadn't fallen asleep last night or had the common sense to go to the bathroom before hiding in my wardrobe, I wouldn't be in this mess. He warned me it was too soon to return home, but I am a girl and I need more than one set of underwear and a tattered, blood stained dress. I needed to get my stuff.

The door to my room creaking open distracts me. I hear footsteps and know there is only one person they can belong to. How dare she come into my room! I could be dead or seriously hurt for all she knows! She should show some respect. My anger increases as I hear her rummaging through my stuff.

"Hello? Is someone here?" Great she must have heard me moving around. I hear her shifting around the room, slowly approaching the closet. I hold my breath as the footsteps inch ever closer.

As the doors are thrown open; I scream trying to protect myself from burning by pulling my clothes down on top of me. I can feel the faint light touching my arm as I cower behind my fallen sweaters and tops.

"SYL? What, what are you doing?"

I wait for my arm to hurt, but it doesn't. I peek up through my protective pile of clothes. Nothing!

"I'm not dying!"

"Have you gone crazy? Mum was worried sick! Where were you? Why are you hiding in there?"

The sun doesn't hurt! He said to be back long before dawn and not to be caught in the sunlight! He made me think I was going to die all over again and for good this time!

"Syl are you listening to me? What happened to you….your dress?"

I grab the clothes I was hiding behind and head for the bathroom.