How I became a vampire?

Well what I told my best friend Alison was that a really handsome vampire fell so madly in love with me; he wanted to have me by his side for all eternity.

I like that story. It's wonderfully romantic, don't you think?

Sometimes I try to pretend that it did happen that way. I can just about picture it in my head as a great love scene. The tortured, lonely vampire finds his one true love, which he has searched for throughout the centuries for. The misunderstood pretty teenager longs for someone who will appreciate her as no one else ever has. Together they complete each other and need no others. The vampire declares his undying love to her, asking her to be his companion through out the ages. She succumbs to his charms, following him into eternity as he gives her the dark gift.

That is the way it's supposed to be.

Now let me tell you the truth. It happened the night of the Valentine's Day school disco, Friday the 10th of February, exactly a week ago now. There was this guy I had really liked, James Murphy and miracle of all miracles he asked me on the day of the dance, if I would go with him. I mean is ice cold? Of course I said yes.

So I was in a little bit of a panic. What would I wear? I hadn't planned on going, so I hadn't bought anything and nothing in my closet was good enough to impress James. What's a girl to do? Blackmail one's friend of course. Now don't yell at me, but I guilt tripped Alison into letting me wear her bridesmaid's dress from her sister's wedding. After all she wasn't going, no one had asked her, and it was such a beautiful dress in butter yellow satin, such a shame to leave it just hanging collecting dust, when I looked so good in it. To complete my outfit I borrowed my sister's new shoes and seed pearl necklace. I was feeling good, looking great and ready to go.

I got a taxi to the disco which was being held in a local nightclub, Curly Lloyd's. Feeling nervous, I gathered all my courage and entered the crowded hall. It didn't take long for me to spot James. He was dancing with this girl that I'd never seen before. Walking up to him whilst smoothing down my dress, I stood on the dance floor waiting for him to notice me. "Hi James" the look he then gave me wasn't friendly.

"What'd you want?"

I could feel my face going red and sense people starting to stare at me. "Ahh…I though we were going together, to the dance, I mean"

Then he said to me, "Of course Sylvia, I was just passing time dancing with her, it's you I want to dance with, it's you I like, you I have always liked. I'm really sorry I snapped at you, I thought you were someone else".

Well okay it didn't exactly turn out that way, he laughed at me and all his friends came over to see what was so funny.

"Do you hear her? Silly Sylvie thought I was serious!" Yeah I was such a riot, everyone thought it was hilarious "As if I'd want to date you, it was a bet! I never thought for one second you'd be stupid enough to fall for it!"

I heard them all laughing at me as I ran out of there as fast as my little bony legs could go in my sister's killer heels. With tears blurring my vision, I tripped and smacked my head, hard off the concrete ground. I remember screaming and holding my shaking hands up to my face. There was blood, a lot of it. As soon as I saw the crimson stuff on my hands, my vision faded and I thought I was going to faint. I remember thinking my nose was probably broken and how things just couldn't get any worse.

That was when I was attacked. At first I never knew what was happening. I've told you my eyesight at that particular moment wasn't 100 percent and I was pretty much in shock. Yes I am ashamed to say, although as I said I was in shock, I made no attempt to defend myself until it was far, far too late.

All I saw was the outline of this tall person with bright, luminescent, blue eyes kneeling down beside me. I was about to ask this stranger for help, when they started licking the blood off my face. Soon after, I felt razor sharp pins dig in to my neck.

It was then I started to struggle, maybe not quite a good idea at this point in time, but I use the excuse of shock once again. I gave them quite a few deep scratches, but alas my neck was ripped apart when I tried to pull away from my attacker's grip and my own blood started pouring out of me and down my body, to form a pool on the filthy, litter-strewn ground.

I heard my attacker whisper sorry to me as they ran away, leaving me to die in the middle of a deserted street all alone.