This was born when I was at a friend's house one time and I asked him if he would come visit me in the hospital if I got hurt. He asked me what brought that on and then I asked him if he thought inanimate objects had thoughts. He just poured me another drink. This is what a razor sees during and after.

I followed the blue and tan shore up

Like she commanded me to do

I hesitated in the middle because she wanted me to

I skated up until the bend

She took a deep breath and laughed

She traced my body with her finger

Kissed the wall

And brought me down the blue and tan shore

Making me run hard and fast

The river of red followed me

I raced to beat and when I did

I fell from her hand as she cried out

I am face up now

I can see her fall slowly

The porcelain is stained with blood

She will not survive the night

Let her be

This is hers

Let it be

Hoped you liked, even if it was a wee bit creepy, in my opinion.