It was a quiet day at the royal palace. Servants quickly went about their jobs and the pages and squires were enjoying a peaceful day off from their trainers and knight masters. The council room however, was in chaos. Nobles discussed taxes and crops while the clerk shuffled busily through a high stack of papers. Finally, a man sitting at the head of the long table stood and called for everyone's attention. There was an instant silence as the King nodded for the clerk to begin.

"The business of today is the official role plans regarding the naval attack against the land of the royal cousin King…" the clerk continued reading along the scroll while the nobles only partly listened. Most were thinking about the war going on between Arvor and the Western Isles. King Lebeon had been continuously raiding the western shores of Arvor, causing them act.

It was a few hours later when the clerk finally announced the end of the battle plans.

"Let us here the reports from the villages in the East." said the King Ain in a bored tone. These reports usually contained no vital information, only complaints from stuck up farmers and merchants.

"The headman of Undersin Town would like to request a squad of men to be sent out and search…"

"No way, no how!" said one of the nobles standing up. "We can't afford to send men just for a village's private use!"

The king nodded. There would have to be a good reason to ask for that. He nodded for the clerk to continue.

"Clearing his throat and slipping a glance at the nobleman who had spoken he read, "and search the surrounding area for a female mage that was spotted approximately two weeks ago. The mage was traveling toward Port Voys, and when questioned, killed three men and injured five with magic." The clerk stopped and the room became silent.

A man stood up and looked at King Ain. When the king nodded he spoke. "I do believe a squad of men are required for this." When some of the others began to interrupt he shook his head. "I work at the University as the Chief Healer and I assure you that this is not a traveling mage or a deserter. There have been no reports of any mages leaving or coming, which means that this mage could be a spy." He sat down quickly.

After listening to a few arguments the King stood. "The final decision is clear. We will send a squad of mounted knights to search the area. We need to find this person for she is obviously dangerous.

The council was finished soon after and the nobles walked toward their quarters, their minds clouded with war and mages.