Chapter One Reconstructed

Arisa Setmere let out a long sigh. This was about the hundredth time she'd done so, and she knew that it was getting on their nerves, which is just what she wanted. They were the ones making her go to some stupid picnic, they knew she had plans, they never cared though. They expected her to give up her teenaged life for a world she had never been to. She wasn't going to just do that without a fight. She'd remain immature until they regretted taking the mall away from her.

The group of three passed tree after tree, it seemed they'd never reach their destination. In this world, cars didn't exist. They were seen as a stupid human invention made to make lives lazier and destroy the environment. That was easy for someone like a fairy, who could fly, to say. Arisa, however, was a human, and without a car to shorten the trip by at the very least half an hour, her feet were going through their own little version of hell.

"Would you stop that?" Her mother asked after another annoyed sigh, "You're being a big baby over nothing. You should feel honored." This made Arisa snort. Honored? She had the biggest secret in the world, and she couldn't even tell her best friends, the ones she never even had time to hang out with. Her position wasn't an honor; it was nothing but a giant burden. It stole the one thing that once was thought to be assured to everyone, something that was once impossible to take: her childhood.

Arisa glared at her mother and father. Parents were supposed to protect you. They were supposed to be there for you when you were sad, to realize your fears, not tell you that you should be honored and force you to confront your biggest discomfort. She had already envisioned how the picnic would be in her mind. The other five teenagers would glare at her the whole time, they'd make jokes about how stupid she was, they'd flaunt the powers that she didn't have in her face, and when everyone went home, they'd hate her. There was no way for her to befriend them like her mother kept assuring she would. They were all special, she was human. She was taught that they were more intelligent, that they didn't ruin their world, that they grew up faster, that they were stronger, and that they were special. Being at this party would be like being a mouse amongst many snakes.

She sighed again, this time to herself. She was so powerless compared to the inhabitants of this world, that her family needed someone else to open the portal for her. Now, as she walked through their world, a realm she didn't feel part of, she got a slight feeling of jealousy. These other teenagers lived in a world of clean air and beauty. They looked down on her world as dirt, which was just what they'd see her as, simply dirt standing in the middle of their beauty.

They appeared at a white fence after their long journey. Beyond it was a large church, and on one side of that church sat the happy families of the teenaged representatives, and on the other, five angry looking teenagers. The man in uniform at the gate gladly opened it with a welcoming and somewhat taunting smile. To him, this was just a friendly little picnic, there'd be games and food and he'd get to be there for all the laughing and smiling. To Arisa, this was the first encounter with the other teenagers who held the same position that was ruining her life: a representative.

Arisa was the representative for humans. All affairs dealing with her species and her world, she would deal with. That went as far as keeping the other world a secret. Nothing more. The other representatives made choices for the world she stood in now. They got everything important, they would have no problem giving up their youth because she had heard that they matured quicker then humans anyways. To them this would be an honor; to her it was a trap.

"I want to go home." Arisa pouted once again as the wind blew her brunette hair across her face. She glared at the both of them again, trying her hardest to make them think she hated them so they'd go about making her happy, like normal parents did. Deep down, however, she knew that it didn't matter at this point. She was already there, nobody would reopen the portal for her, they'd feed her the lie that they needed her again.

"Arisa, we know, and I'm sorry but you can't so would you stop asking and stop looking at us like this is our fault because it's not." Her mom said in a frustrated tone of voice. She was right; too, it was nobody's fault Arisa had to go through with all of this. Before she was born, they didn't even know about the other world. Representatives were just born into their position, they'd have a natural tattoo appear on their wrist and for the humans, and a demon would bring the news to the new parents. Still, Arisa needed someone to blame to deal with her aggravation, and her parents were the easiest pick.

"I hate these people. I don't want to be by them. I want to go home." She complained again. At this point, her complaints were just to make her parents feel bad. At least then she wouldn't be the only one miserable with her current position. At least then when she would be tolerating the picnic as she had predicted her parents would be having the same gloomy time as her.

"Stop being such a brat, you don't even know them yet." Her dad ordered, also insensitive to her current state. He was right, she didn't know them yet, she'd never seen them in her life, and she didn't intend to ruin that. In two years on her eighteenth birthday, she was expected to just leave her world to live in theirs, with them. She would have to tolerate these people on a daily basis, so she saw no reason for having to meet them now, and see them one extra tormenting day.

"Look, that's them over there, why don't you go talk to them?" her mother asked, not really giving her the option before her and her husband walked to the opposite side of the church. Arisa reluctantly took to her order and approached the other teenagers, who seemed to display the same feelings about their positions as she had.

She took a deep breath halfway to the group of angry adolescence. They hated the job they were born into, that was one similarity. She didn't want to get along with these people, she didn't want them to tease her the whole time, but she also didn't want to get along with them. However, the picnic would be long and grueling, so she decided to put on a fake smile and give the other teenagers a fake kindness that she would plan to use in future encounters with them.

"So you must be the other representatives." Was the only ice breaker to come to her human mind. Generally, the glances she received for her stupid statement were less then friendly. If it was even possible, they hated being there more then she did. This made things ten times worse for Arisa, because now she had to be the one to be friendly and tolerant, the others sure wouldn't.

"You're a natural genius aren't you? We should always look to you for obvious observations, right?" Asked one of the teenagers. He had dog-like paws and sharp pointy teeth, along with a set of brown fuzzy ears and a short little tail. Arisa assumed this had to be the werewolf representative, but she didn't say that out loud in fear of getting ridiculed again.

"You're really one to talk half life; you thought I was a fairy! You, human girl, do I look like a drooling little mindless retard to you?" one of the girls snapped back in return. Of course, she had to bring Arisa into a fight that probably happened long before she even got there. This type of attitude meant she had to be the elf. She had long sienna colored hair and a short apple green dress. On top of her head sat a toad and on her feet were the oldest fashioned boots that Arisa had ever seen. They even needed a separate piece of string to hold them to her ankle.

"You should be glad to be called a fairy; for your people that's a compliment. The only thing worse then an elf is a troll!" said a girl with light blond hair and bright blue eyes. She stuck out her tongue in a very immature fashion and Arisa knew without even having to see her wings that this was the fairy. She had glitter pretty much all over her body and a pink top to match her pink skirt.

"What are you smoking? Trolls are the strongest race out there, we are among the most superior of all species; you're just a stupid fairy." A taller boy boasted with a proud smile slapped on his face. Judging from the stumpy little horns coming out of his curly brown hair, this had to be the troll. She could tell by the horrible body odor.

It didn't take long for everyone to start arguing about who had the best race. Arisa blushed in embarrassment at what she had started. If she were as intellectual as the teenagers in front of her were supposed to be, she would have thought of a much smarter thing to say instead of a stupid observation. Not only that, but she felt awkward for just watching them argue, it wasn't like she could join in, there was no fooling any of them that humans were probably the worse race. They weren't even mentioned.

"Your all fucking stupid, now would you shut up?" asked an agitated voice just before an actual fight was getting ready to break out. The arguing froze and everybody's attention was drawn to the third boy who was leaning against the wall of the church. Arisa assumed he had to be the demon, and by the tone of his voice he seemed ready to throw fire at all of them.

The look on everyone's faces at that moment suggested they were getting ready to beat the guy to a pulp. It was more then apparent that what he had said wasn't the first degrading thing he had spat at the other teenager. Before anyone got hurt, Arisa decided to try out her "fake smile" solutions.

"Introductions!" she shouted with glee, though inside she still wanted to go home and forget that these negative people even existed, that this whole world didn't exist. However, at least with introductions she'd know the names of the people she detested, and it would give them something to do to make the whole picnic experience go by a lot faster.

"What are you going on about freak?" asked the troll, looking at her like she was doing crack. These people were making it near impossible to be nice, and she was far from a freak compared to them. At least she knew how to operate a car and didn't have to walk for five hours to get everywhere. Still, she was strong willed in her attempts to get these people to get along to make her experience with them more enjoyable.

"In two years we have to live together, I just thought maybe we could get to know each other a little before then. That is the whole reason we're stuck here today." Arisa tried to explain, this time in a timid voice. She expected them to ask her if she was doing drugs again, but the most of them seemed okay with the idea. They also longed for something to make the time go by faster then it had been.

"What should we say?" the fairy asked, tilting her head to make her look kind of cute and very ditzy. It seemed that she did this subconsciously, and Arisa wondered if all fairies were born with the tips of being adorable already printed in the back of their minds. It would sure make being a teenager easier, Arisa hated always having to guess at what to do when she was around someone she liked.

"I don't know; I usually don't hang around this many people that I don't know at once. I guess your name, what you like, what you like to do, and maybe something about your family? I doubt they'll come over here and introduce themselves. You go first." Arisa stated as she pointed to the wolf because he was closest to her. Before he started she took the time to look back at her parents. She hoped they were having a terrible time like she was.

"My names Fido, I like sleeping and eating, which is my favorite thing to do, and I have a mom and dad and obnoxious little brother." He said halfheartedly. He was already bored with her little "game" and it had just started. Still, it was better then just sitting around hating each other.

"Now you go." Arisa said as she pointed to the elf. She as well was bored with her own game. She wished she had just asked them to say their names and then let them go about killing each other again, at least then she wouldn't have to go through getting grief from every person who introduced themselves.

"My name is Heva. I like food and my favorite thing to do is archery. My family contains my parents, my two sisters, and my toad, his name is Hiki." she stated, just as boringly as Fido had. She set the toad on the ground as she introduced him, and to Arisa's amazement he did not try to hop away or anything, he stayed by his master's side like a loyal pet.

"Okay, you go." Arisa stated with a sigh as she pointed to the demon. He glared at her for acknowledging him, for not treating him as if he were invisible like the others were trying to do. She had spoken to him so casually when he had already made it clear that he was pissed off and ready to attack anyone who was a further annoyance to him.

"I'm not playing your stupid game. I could care less about any of you; I don't need to know what you like to do my job." He spat coldly. Arisa had thought just a few minutes before that she would be the one who would come across as a brat who didn't want to meet anyone, but she was surprised to see the same behavior from all of them, especially that boy, and she was absolutely shocked that she would be the only one attempting to get to know them.

"Fine, then why don't we do you?" she asked, pointing to the fairy. She was the first to give a cute little smile at her turn arriving, though Arisa had her suspicions that this was only because she liked to talk about herself. Whatever the reason, at least someone was optimistic about her suggestion.

"My name is Reicheru, and I like boys, but only the hot ones. I like to fly and dance. My family is me and my parents and my little brother, and my squirrel that I left at home." She said, secretly jealous of her pet squirrel for not having to be there. She wondered if he knew that she had done him the biggest favor of his life.

"Awesome." Arisa said with a certain fake enthusiasm that didn't convince anyone at all. "You go now." She added as she pointed to the troll. If the other representatives only had boring things to say, his would be the worse. Trolls seemed as exciting as trying to watch a rock move.

"My name is Bobbi, I like sleeping and my family is just my parents and me." Bobbi said in a voice that suggested he was leaving out. Nobody cared to ask what that was though. They didn't care about the information he had given them, let alone the information he wasn't.

"Okay, then I guesses that it's my turn. I like drawing and hanging out. I don't have any siblings, just a mom and a dad, and my names Arisa" She said, half wishing she had just skipped herself and pretended it was an accident. She didn't want these people to know anything about her. She just wanted to go home.

"That's a dumb name." the demon said, seemingly targeting Arisa out of anger for speaking to him before. All of the other representatives had left him alone, that's what he truly wanted. Just to be alone. He hated other people. There wasn't a single person he could tolerate, which is why he almost didn't go to the picnic. However, that would create the problem of people looking for him, and discovering things that were just best left alone.

"And your name is?" Arisa asked, finally getting equally annoyed. She was going so much out of her way to befriend these people that it was seriously driving her nuts, and they didn't even want to make the effort. Especially him, he was so full of hatred that it made her sick to think she'd have to live with him in the future.

"Nick." He said, surprisingly answering the question. He regretted it though, when he received a smile from Arisa. It was a victorious smile, like she thought she had won something. This is why he hated people; people were stupid and found way after way to annoy him.

"What happened to not introducing yourself?" she laughed, receiving a not so pleasant hand gesture in return. On any other day, he wouldn't have said five words to them, but today his mind was overcrowded and he wasn't thinking properly. He developed a new hate for Arisa at that moment, not only did she constantly annoy him but now she had made him look like an idiot.

"Since you already told us your name you can tell us what you like." Arisa said with her first genuine smile. At least now the others were looking at her like she was great or something for saying something she knew would frustrate a demon. She couldn't change the fact that she was a human, but at least she could make herself seem somewhat courageous.

"Nothing" he answered, giving her a cold glare. The sad thing was that he was completely serious. Arisa could already tell that living with him would be pretty much like living with a convicted serial killer. She began to hope that he'd actually get arrested for something so he'd be at jail and not around her.

"Then what do you like to do?" she asked allowing her annoyance with him to show in her voice. He didn't seem to care though, his reply was the same "nothing" he had offered her before. One again, he was telling the truth. This time he was giving her the deadliest glare he could make. He tried everything in his power to prevent her from asking the next part.

"Wow, then you hate everything. What about your family, which ones are they?" She asked, ignoring his glare. He stood up straight at this part and stormed off. He didn't want it to come to this, because if it did he knew he'd have no where to go, but if he stayed he knew he would attack her.

Arisa was completely shocked now. She hadn't even said anything to cause him to get that mad. Everyone else looked down at their feet though. They all knew. They were part of the world, they had seen the news. They had heard all the people talk about it the day that it had happened.

"His family was killed, all of them. He's a foster child now." Heva explained softly so she wouldn't be heard by Nick. His attitude and hate for everything made sense now, and she deeply wished she had just left him alone like he wanted. She looked around in hopes of apologizing, but he was gone.

Arisa put her head down, ashamed in herself. She didn't care about any of the information she was asking as she demanded it, she just bugged him for it to be stubborn, to get what she wanted and seem stronger then she really was to the others. If she hadn't been so stupid and childish, she wouldn't have hurt him.

The sounds of boots hitting the ground all around them snapped her out of her thoughts. She looked up to see masked men carrying weapons, and joined the others in screaming for help.

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