The first family to arrive at Nick's house was Fido's. It was originally planned that the parents would just pick their children up and take them to their new house, but Konia thought that a party would be more appropriate, since everyone was getting a new set of completely new neighbors. It was Nick's suspicion, however, that she just wanted to use the streamer and balloons that she had planned to use for the birthday he had that followed his family's attack, and more then anything, she wanted to put him to work blowing up said balloons so she could join the others and laugh at him when his face became puffed up. At least, however, he was not put on streamer duty like Fido, who fell off the ladder a total of nine times.

Fido had a mom, a dad, and a little brother who, somehow, managed to get bright red hair. He was five, and was completely devoted to looking up to his big brother. the moment he walked into the house he flew into the living room and tried to climb up the ladder to hug his brother, causing Fido's fall count to go up to ten.

With his little brother, who was named Ru, attached to his side, Fido took in a deep breath and approached his parents. They hugged him and kissed him and told him how much they missed him. He wondered if they'd keep to this love after he told them everything that happened, what he'd done, how he had changed his future.

"See her?" Fido said after hellos were exchanged. He pointed to Heva and they nodded. "She is my wife, Heva. Those three weird looking babies are mine. That's Raze, that's Garath, and that's Rudolf." He finished, to unhappily find that he was right. His parents were pissed, but not for the reason he had thought.

"Fido how could you!? That's an elf, you cannot have anything to do with her, and those children cannot be yours. Look at her, she's a whore. You stay away from her, if we catch you once anywhere by her, we will take you home and the party will be over." His mother ordered. The young wolf didn't know what to do. He couldn't betray his wife, and he defiantly couldn't just pretend that his children weren't his, but he hadn't seen his family in so long. He didn't want to already cause problems, so he figured for the time being it was best to obey them until times were right.

The next family to arrive were Reicheru's. She had the same family value as Fido, a mother, a father, and a brother. Of course, they all had beautiful blond hair and were dressed in silk and bright colors. Bobbi even had to stop himself from laughing at how fruity her father and little brother seemed.

"Daddy! Mommy! Kaze! I missed you! Look I got another boyfriend, and this one doesn't think he's prettier then me unlike the other ones!" Reicheru said happily as she bounced up and down in joy that her family was back to her, she had a boyfriend who actually liked her, and her squirrel was back on her shoulder.

"Oh, my God, EW! Honey, did you notice that your boyfriend isn't saying that he's prettier then you because he's a TROLL! He's so ugly! I thought you were dating Unai, what happened to him?" her mother asked, sounding just like a little thirteen year old girl. It didn't surprise Bobbi that her parents were just as ditzy as she was.

"I'm going to break up with him. He never paid attention to me or made me feel special. Trolls aren't that bad Mommy, besides; it will make it easier to be a representative if I'm dating another representative. Then I don't have to worry about long distance stuff." She said, sounding hurt and let down for once. Her parents had managed to drain all of the bounciness out of her in less then a minute.

"Nobody will take you seriously if you're dating that thing. You are to continue dating Unai, he is what is best for you." Her father told her as he led her to an empty corner of the room. She didn't argue either. She had never disobeyed her parents, that wasn't the fairy way. Fairies had to seem perfect, perfect people did not argue with their elders.

Shortly after Bobbi was humiliated in front of Reicheru's parents, Heva's came. She had her parents and two sisters, Yochi and Koudo. She took in a deep breath, after the first two examples, she defiantly knew her parents wouldn't set the example and allow Fido into their family with open arms. Elves were cocky and strong willed, it almost wasn't even worth mention.

"Mom, Dad, I made a mistake, but it was the best mistake of my life and I hope you see it that way too. I started dating that wolf, his name is Fido, and I got pregnant, but now I have three children who I love, and sure one of them might have killed Hiki, but they really are cute a lot of the time." She said, watching her parents enter complete shock.

"You mean to tell us, that in the small amount of time you were gone you lost all your values, all you morals, dated that hairy lowlife, and let him impregnate you? Have you completely lost it?! You're grounded! You do not need to be anywhere near the other representatives to do your job, just worry about your own race and quit fooling around with the others." Her father ordered her, and like the others, he yanked her into a separate corner of the room.

About ten minutes after Heva decided she wanted to crawl in a hole and die, Arisa's parents showed up. She covered her eyes for this one. Out of everyone's hers would have to be the worst. Humans were ignorant, and not only that but they knew nothing about the other races. It was lucky for Arisa that she had no companion of the other race to try to explain to them (or so she thought).

However, no yelling happened. Arisa hugged both her parents, showed her all her friends, and her parents just smiled and waved hi. They ignored the glares they were getting from the other parents as they asked the other representatives little ice breaking questions. They tried to mingle, while the others kept to their corners.

As they were doing this, Bobbi's mom showed up. Before he could make her jaw drop by trying to explain his new girlfriend to her, his fell to the floor. Standing with her was his older brother, the one who he'd never mentioned to anyone before simply because he was no longer his brother; he had been disowned by his family and banished from the troll's part of the world for his brutal and uncaring acts.

"What's Troph doing here?" he asked, shocked. "He was disowned; you and dad personally banished him! He's dangerous!" he was more then shocked, he was angry. He knew his brother; he had no feelings for anyone or anything. He was destructive, never to another troll out of nothing more but pride for his race, but to any other race he would kill without hesitation, and Bobbi expected it. He wouldn't be able to stand the other representatives talking to him; he'd kill them and not care what it did to destroy the whole system. He hated Bobbi. He thought that trolls should rule the whole world, that the strongest of all the trolls should be the rule; he hated the thought of his younger brother being granted partial ruler ship, along with a bunch of other unworthy teenagers.

"He's changed. Besides, we need him after what happened to your father." She said; tear stains still in her eyes. Without letting Bobbi object, Troph grabbed Bobbi by the wrist and took him to another separate corner, leaving just Arisa and Nick's families in the middle of the room. This was not a great way to start new harmony in the world. If everyone acted like this, none of the teenagers had any bit of hope.

"Nick, follow me I have something cool to show you!" Arisa said with fake enthusiasm as she grabbed Nick by his wrist and led him to the dock where he had tried to drown himself before. He ignored the first part of what she was saying to stare down at the water, thinking about what his mother's face would look like if she had come home to find her son had killed himself.

"We need to do something. Nick. NICK! Are you listening?" she asked, and before he could lie and say that he was, Fido ran out of the house and to the dock. Soon, all the other representatives appeared too. They had all told their parents some lies, like they were going to change, to take a shower, they felt sick, or had to fix their hair. Once the unofficial meeting got started, they all agreed that something needed to be done as soon as possible.

"What about you're little games Arisa? That's what got us all together. At least it will help them tolerate each other while we fix the rest of the world." Heva suggested as she thought back and laughed as she remembered Nick letting Arisa drop to the ground and that stupid look on her face when she had realized what had happened.

"Those won't work. There are an odd number of parents, there's too many, and it was easier to get all of you to join because you're not adults. We need something more serious, we can test it on them and then use it on everyone else when we fix the world." She said as she tried to picture Bobbi's brother playing a silly game. This made her laugh too.

"We're not going to fix the world." Nick stated in a soft tone. Everyone glared at him for his negativity. "You all didn't even know a war was going on, Frankie and all of them took the time to hide it from you. You don't get how much everyone hates each other. I couldn't even get a job for the longest time because so many places wouldn't hire demons. Those people in there are being civil considering how they could be reacted. Fixing the world is impossible. There's no way we can change millions of people." He explained.

"We have to. Everyone is just destroying themselves because of a stupid example the other reps sent. There was a time when everyone got along and what species you were didn't matter, if the representatives could take that away from them and completely turn it around, we can do the same. Otherwise, there won't be a world to fix anymore." Heva said, remembering Nick's dream. It was only a matter of time until that became normal. Soon family massacres would be happening all around, all because of pride.

"What right do they have to tell us who we can and can't talk to anyways? Not only are we sixteen and well able to decide that for ourselves, but we're the representatives. In a matter of days we get complete leadership of our species, so who are our parents to tell us who we're allowed to talk to? I say if we want to be friends, who's going to stop us? Those people depend on us so they can't fight us. We're going to do whatever we want, I'm tired of obeying them, I didn't want to start anything but I'm getting tired of this. We're just going to lay it down plain and simple, we're the leaders, we want balance, and we're going to get it." Fido suggested, thinking it stupid for them to have to think up some genius plan to get something they should get no questions asked.

"They don't care who we are, they're our parents. You want us to just order our parents around?" Bobbi asked, knowing full well that Troph would never even consider listening to anything they had to say. He didn't care if Bobbi was his representative; he was too stubborn and too angry.

"No, Fido's right. If we can't change them, we can't change anyone, and soon everything will be destroyed. Arisa's little games aren't what changed us; we changed because we were forced to." Nick said, remembering the games as well. He had not taken part in any of them, and even the ones who did still argued afterwards. It was because enable to survive and escape they had to get along, it was because for the whole time they were locked up they had no one else to talk to, they were forced to be friends, and that force was enough to keep them that way.

"Well then, let's go. We're going to go in there, demand to make a speech, and we're going to order what we want. We're not going to take no for an answer either. We're the representatives, not them, we make the decisions." Arisa said as she grabbed Nick and Heva's hand. Everyone else joined in her example and they walked back into the house and into the room all hand in hand. This defiantly got everyone's attention.

"We want to make our first announcement as representatives." Reicheru said, making sure she reminded them that they were representatives right off the bat, so they would keep in mind throughout the whole speech that what they wanted was going to happen whether they liked it or not. Even Fido, who never had any confidence in the fairy at all, thought that this was an idea.

"When you guys ALLOWED for Frankie to kidnap us, you also allowed us to be friends. Did you really think that through all that time together we would just ignore each other? So now that everything is over, we don't want to just go our separate ways and pretend that we were never friends." Heva stated, causing everyone to talk at once. She tried to picture this times a million and sighed at the thought of having to speak over the rest of the world.

"Stop it! Mom, Dad, I had children with this woman, how can you expect me to just leave her and them? Is that the wolf way of life? Do we just abandon our packs because we don't like who they are? Is that the loyalty we're known for? And as for everyone else, they might not have a reason like children to be committed, but I do know that we ALL need each other. Through every problem that any of us has had throughout all our years of life, we've been able to talk about them to each other. We've all helped each other to grow and become better people, how can you say we're not good enough for each other?" Fido asked, accepting his children, who were now crawling away from Heva's parents who were struggling to keep them still, into his arms. People continued to talk some more, but at least now they were having problems coming up with arguments.

"Throughout this everyone has grown up so much. I was a whiny teenager who didn't want to do anything grown up and would never even DREAM of speaking in front of everyone, and if I was the person I was before this I probably wouldn't be. Fido was too lazy to even care what happened to him, now he's a dedicated parent. Heva was sarcastic and only wanted to be with her toad, if she had to deal with Hiki's death before all this she would have broken down and she probably wouldn't be here right now. Reicheru was only concerned with boys, she could never date anyone who was ugly and would never be able to speak, not because of nerves, because she sounded like a moron. Now she's doing it just fine, and she's actually dating someone below her standards, she's become less shallow and you want to take that away? Nick hated life and everything in it, when I asked him his interests he couldn't even think of anything. He was obsessed with the death of his family and running a grown up life, now he's learning to be a kid, I've seen him smile, and he's actually been nice to us. He actually cares for people again. And Bobbi was a complete asshole and he pretty much still is but at least he's less of an asshole! At least he could date someone like Reicheru, and put in the commitment of telling her how pretty she is all the time! We changed because we had each other, if we were to become representatives before the kidnapping we would have never been able to do it, we gave each other the power to rule the world and fix things" Arisa said. Unfortunately, nobody but her parents even bothered to listen to what she was saying and they argued right through her conversation. They heard it, but they took none of it to heart, she was a human, her people weren't even part of the world.

"Stop! How do you expect us to do our job if we don't talk to each other? If we go about it that way then the races will continue to be separated and this world will be destroyed by its own people! I'm a troll, so I had more pride in my race then anyone else, but I'm learning, unfortunately slower then everyone else, that we're all the same! Even the demons, though when they whine about the same thing for days on end are annoying, are no different then the trolls. When we lose a family member, all of us will feel like they've died themselves, when someone annoys us to our limits, we fight, and when we finally decide to come together, we both grow. I learned that through a stupid rivalry with another representative." Bobbi said, surprisingly speaking on their behalf. People kept arguing though. They didn't care if their children had grown, they had been taught since they were born from their parents and even the schools that their race was the only one worth anything.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Nick finally shouted as he made lines of blazing fire extend out both his arms. This got everyone's attention. They were all silent out of fear of getting burned. "We're the ones in charge, not you! There's nothing for you to argue about, we were put in charge so that there was no NEED for regular people like YOU to argue! Are you all really that stupid? Some idiots before us couldn't decide what the best race was, and you all let them use you as their little puppets to figure it out! Through that stupid war everyone lost someone and now that you finally have a chance to end it, and not lose any more people, you're not going to because you're too fucking stupid to listen to what your NEW representatives have to say! It doesn't matter what you think, so you can sit there and argue until you run out of breath but it's not going to change anything because WE make the decisions, so what's it going to be, are you going to fight us on this one and probably end up in jail for defying your new leaders, or accept that you were lied to before and that everyone is the same, or should I just give you each a mouth full of fire to show you just how much we all burn the same?" He asked as he lit his hands up again.

There was a long silence. The parents were beat; they knew they didn't have any other choice but to forgive the other race, and to tell the truth, if it were any other people telling them this speech they would have accepted the other species with arms wide open. They had realized how stupid they were, they had understood that the previous representatives did not lead them, they used them to let the other representatives know that they had the better race. They let their people die just for five minutes worth of pride in thinking they had the better army raised. It was all a stupid competition and they were all pawns in it.

Even though they knew this, it was their own children telling them this. They were supposed to be the parents, they were supposed to be the ones knocking sense into them, they had hand taught their children that the other races were evil (with the exception of Nick and Arisa's parents who had never cared much for the war except to defend their family) and now it was them, taking everything they were taught and telling them that it was wrong.

"Our children are right. If this were a group of your own species, you'd all be having a good time, even if they had the same personalities as the people in this room." Konia said with a smile at her son and his friends. They were already smarter at sixteen the other representatives were at their dying age.

"So it is our decision that we will continue to be friends despite what you say. The separate little nations that all the species live with will be no more. From now on, a fairy can live next door to a troll or elf or whatever, and it will be known as normal. Anyone who tries to start the war back up will be thrown in jail for a time appropriate to their crime." Reicheru said, smiling ear to ear about what Arisa had said about her. She really had changed, she hadn't noticed but it was true. She was actual leader material now.

"We support your decision." Reicheru's parents said, finally noticing that what the human said was right. If she could become a speaker, someone who wasn't always thinking about how pretty she was for the boys like she used to be, if she actually cared for the rest of the world and was ready for responsibility, then she had changed more then they ever could have hoped and they wouldn't do anything to allow a further push in this direction.

"We do too." Fido's parents said, shameful that they would ever neglect their own grandchildren. They were half elf, but they were still beautiful. Wolves were big on family; they had dishonored every wolf before them just for some stupid war created by the representatives that they could never even understand when they were young. Besides, if this meant Fido would actually move a little more as apposed to sleeping all day long, they were for it.

"And us." Heva's parents said. Her sarcasm had even annoyed them, and it was true, even at home Heva never wanted to talk or play with anyone other then Hiki. They remembered how devastated she had been once when he got sick, she wouldn't eat or sleep until he was better. If he had died before she met the other teenagers, she would have done more then lock herself in a room for a few hours, she would have died herself.

"I guess I do too." Bobbi's mom said, taking in a deep breath. Her husband had died for the war. He was fully committed to winning and she tried to be supportive, but in reality she hated it. He was a different person from the one that she had married. He was obsessed with winning, and why she never knew. Her mother would tell her stories of the representatives before the ones who ruined the world. It was a better time. People were happy and race wasn't even noticed. You didn't have to see shootings on the news, or hear about large numbers of people dying. She only supported the war out of love for her husband.

The teenagers looked to each other and smiled. They had done the impossible. They had changed the opinions of their parents, they were only sixteen yet their experience together was enough to change them as much as they had changed in the whole time they had known each other. Now all they had to do was change the rest of the world.

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