"You are finished," the god said in First's mind, choosing not to manifest itself in front of his creation.

"I am, Father," First said, though he knew the god wasn't asking a question, merely stating a fact.

First was still sitting under the tree at Respite. A blade of grass was poised between two of his fingers, and he squinted as the sun slid westward and down in the sky.

"Do you wish to share with me?" the god asked, taking form beside First.

"You know my thoughts, do you not, Father?"

"There is a power in words, First. To speak ones thoughts is to give them life."

First nodded, "you're right, of course, Father."

The god settled down, cross-legged, in front of First.

"Tell me what you've decided."

"Yes, Father," First said. He wasn't embarrassed to share his desires and wants with his god, just apprehensive and scared about what could possibly happen.

"I would like to be able to shape the world, not as you do, but using the world itself."

The god nodded, "Continue."

"I wish to hold dominion over life,"

"To create life?"

"No, I just to hold sway over lives that already are."


"I'd like to forget thing I don't wish to remember."

The god paused at this request, then nodded.

"I'd like to explore."

"You've always been able to explore, First."

"Exploration with my mind as well as my body."

The god smiled, pride for its creation evident on its face.

"And your last wish?"

"I wish to share this place with another, like me."

The god looked delighted, " I must leave you for a time, First. My changes will be painful, and my suffering will tear this world apart if I am anywhere near it."

"I will miss you, Father. I don't wish for any harm to come to you."

The god hesitated, something First had never known him to do. "Stand up, First."

First obeyed, climbing to his feet.

"This will hurt, and for that, I am sorry"

First felt his arms spread, and he lost control of his body. His feet left the ground as the god's power infused his body.

Pain began, a straight line of agony that bisected his body right down the middle. He screamed, his body releasing its anguish. The pain worked its way outwards, down his feet and arms, and up into his head. His hearing cut out, and the world roared around him in a dull whisper.