Summary: Ah, the allure of the night. Fully experience it here.
A/N: This began, ironically enough, around the time of 6:00 P.M. when the sky was still blue and the sun still shone. I added a few stanzas when I typed it on a Word document, during - fear not! - the night, so wipe that wry smirk off your face. This piece is interesting; even as its creator, I can admit to that. As most of my poems run, this one began with one path imagined, and ended with an entirely different one taken (and taken with all the slashing of the offending underbrush as it deemed necessary). So, this being said, let the formalities commence: Please note that a set of five dashes (-----) serves as a break between stanzas, and each series of three dashes (---) indicates an indentation of the line. Thank you for reading, and do feel free do review!


Alluring Darkness – August 9, 2006

Listen to the night.

Listen to the night as it smothers

Your quavering senses,

Rendering them useless and leaving you,

My mortal dear, gasping to contain that last ounce of self.

Breathe harder, dearie:

It slips away with relish.


Ah, can you taste it?

Can you taste the darkness

As it enters your mouth and dances on your tongue?

Stop fighting it, my sweet;

Relax. It will become sweeter still with secrets if you just relax.


The night is truly intoxicating,

Is it not?

Intoxicating with mockingly-restrained power;

Power of the haunting kind.

More inebriating than the most pungent of liquors.

And the drunkenness, when achieved?

Simply mind-boggling.


Yet you still resist.

Why? dare I ask?

Only your stubborn consciousness lies between you

And the purest of pure ecstasies.

Drop that front –

--- Yes, we know it is false –

------ We know all with this elixir on our tongue! –

And allow yourself to experience bliss.

To experience the night.


Try it.

Just one sip – one morsel – one whiff.

Simply try it.

And see what power you can hold!

Stealth, invisibility, immortality!

Try it.


What are the side-affects? you ask.

Where is the "but"? The "however"?

Surely, you insist, surely something this good

Must also have its downside!


We chuckle, but humor you,

The green amateur you so obviously are.

No, no – there are no "but"s; no "however"s.

This intoxication is of the sort

That holds you in its grasp forever.

No painful hangovers,

No clouded complexions;


Just the addiction.

Oh, fear not! –

This addiction is welcomed.

Trust us.

We know.

We know there is no turning back, once the wave has broken.

We know, but tell you this only with our wordless, all-knowing smiles.

We know once you taste the night,

You shall be sightful enough to function,

Yet blind enough to ask no questions.

Oh, how we know.


Ah –

Good, good.

You've tried it.

Welcome to the Night World.


You shan't be disappointed.