In the 1960's, millions of televisions were bought for a single purpose. A sixty-two percent increase over the past decades of early television. One reason for this, yes just one. That reason was the lunar landings. Although it was not broadcasted in color, people believed the view would be more splendor and grand then ever imagined on newer models, so companies like Sony decided to cash in. They made millions upon millions on the space event, which nowadays half the population of the world believes never happened. "Why the conspiracy?" People wonder, but don't ask. The reason is generally simple, humans love conspiracy. Something about it makes them makes all of us speculate on life's bigger questions. So naturally 53 years later in 2022, the same reaction appeared when humans first colonized Mars. America threw parties left and right when the Space Craft "Fantasy" reached its destination. The time required to get to mars is years, which is not easy for the pilots to do. They say, if you go to Mars, you may as well stay at Mars." The scientists that came with set up labs on the surface, on television that was live, but not live. It took a while for the image to come back, and even then, it was grainy. After sampling dust and rock, they constructed the first facility. Inside was a drill with a 400-foot long bit. They dug through rock and iron for three years. Then one day, no more radio contact. No one answered, all the video was static. Something happened. American speculated that NASA understood what was going on, CNN and MSNBC all reported on it for days. Suddenly, it stopped. No one on TV, radio, or anywhere in the media ever mentioned anything again. The astronauts of Mars were forgotten. They fell to an unknown fate, one that chilled the bones of citizens of Earth. What happened to the Fantasy? What happened to the Astronauts? Why did we forget?

These questions were also thrown into the lockers of the past, never meant to be seen again. The Administation knew something happened, but wanted no one to know. Only two months later did a lone observer using one of the many Astroscopes in Hawaii discover something headed towards Earth…

A/N: This story seems like it now, but actually has near nothing to do with space and sci-fi. This prologue was very short and simple, therefor I did not really like it. Also note, up to Chapter Five, I do not have an editor. I am very bad at that sort of stuff, so go easy on me. Reviews welcome, along with constructive critisicm.