A Love Affair With An Instrument

The Lady Lenore's a friend of mine

I've known her since I was three

She's the only girl I'll ever love

And the Lady loves only me

Her hair is the colour of sunlight

That's cast on the dewy lawn

'Tis long and it smells of summerwood

It's soft as the light at dawn

O the gentle curves of her body

Seem carved to so's fit my hand

And her flesh is smooth and it's ruddy

By a well-lived life she's tanned

She's a particular girl, 'tis true

Her nerves a tightly wound string

But I know just how I should touch her

To make her voice sweetly sing

She croons whatever I ask of her

A jig, a waltz, or a reel

As we play I hold her close to me

Her glad resonance I feel

Her voice alone is enchanting

And she'll only sing for me

So together we make sweet music

A waltz of a melody

My fingers dance up and down her neck

The audience shouts for more

I raise up my beloved fiddle

I love the Lady Lenore