Katrina was alone until she found Cale

They met in a rainy London street

The rain soaked her to the skin

He was as white as a sheet


They spoke in a fancy café

Smiling, laughing at this lucky find

She smiled sweetly and suggestively

He looked so kind


Cale was surprised

When he found she was five years older

He didn't care all that much

He was just glad she'd found her


They went home to Katrina's flat

They kissed in that special kind of way

Collapsing onto the bed with her wondering

"Does he only want to get laid?"


They spoke through the night

After the deed was done

And she asked him in a meaningful voice

"Will I always be your one?"


Cale didn't know how to answer this

He only wondered why

So just to please her, he said

"Only if you'd die"


The couple remained happy for three months

Then Katrina noticed that something was wrong

Cale's kiss was not so tender

The length of his love didn't seem so long


She asked him numerous times

"Is there something bothering you?"

But he just smiled and poured her more wine

She didn't know what to do


She tried making love to him

But he said he was tired

The days went on and she became more frantic

She knew she had lied


To combat her nerves she had to act

She started popping pills

Cale has started to look at her

Like she was ill


But she loved him

And she didn't want any harm to come his way

She never wanted him to be with another

It was going to say that way


A week then passed and she had had enough

She went into his flat and looked around

After an hour she found what she was looking for

"A letter from his twisted lover" She cried out loud


What did she have that Katrina didn't

Was she younger, thinner or both?

The letter said that this girl loved him

She thought she was a fucking swinger


She looked at the address

All she wanted to do was slice and dice

"Nobody messes with my man

Without paying the price"


She had a good idea

She got one of Cale's razors and cut her hand

It turned red and she just wrote

The pills numbed the pain it wasn't so bad


So she wrote, her finger running red

"Stay away from him you bitch"

She posted the letter with a smile

Then with the loss of blood, passed out in a ditch


She awoke in the morning

To some rats licking at her open wound

She scrambled away, delirious

Losing both of her shoes


Katrina didn't know what to do

She just ran for the address in the letter

And she looked at her wound, a worrying green

But she didn't care; she only wanted to get her


When she found the place

She burst in to find Cale with the whore

With a knife from the kitchen she lunged at Cale

She hadn't had enough she wanted more


Screaming she slashed again

The knife went in her lover's eye

He fell, the blood pouring from his ruptured head

Cale had finally died


Slowly Katrina turned on the other

But as she wept she told the truth

She was Cale's sister and the reason why he had grown so cold

Was because of the death of their mother Ruth


She ran from the house distraught

And found solace by looking at the river

Weeping and moaning she jumped into the icy water

She never once shivered


Poor Katrina, she tried so hard

But in the end she couldn't stand happiness

Just drowning so sweetly

With the sun setting in the West.