"I like a guy." Holly Brooks said aloud in her dorm as she walked in and her two roommates froze before bursting out into laughter. "I'm serious."

"You? Holly "Asexual" Brooks like a guy." Megan Stafford choked out and Holly ran a hand through her fiery hair. "That's a good one."

"Yeah. When did you come up with that joke?" Stephanie Hanes asked and Holly glared at the blonde and brunette.

"I hate the both of you." Holly told them before leaving the room.

That was the last time she would ever tell them anything she decided as she stormed off to the library. People moved out of her way when they saw the mean look on her face. She found a table in library and sighed. She really did like a guy.

Despite showing an indifference to both sexes, she did like guys. She just never admitted it to anyone, especially not her roommates who had decided that she must be asexual. Her green eyes took in the library visitors and they froze on someone who was actually outside sitting against a tree.

His name was Gregor MacLachlan and he was working on his doctorate degree. He was also nearly ten years older than she was at twenty-nine. She had seen him by that tree everyday and slowly began to watch him from the library.

He was beautiful with his dark brown hair and hazel eyes which contrasted with each other nicely. He was tall, maybe six feet and four inches. She had only heard him speak once but it was enough to make her search for the owner. It was unbelievably deep, smooth and sexy like him.

Even now, as she watched him from the library, she felt homely. He would never notice her. There were always beautiful blondes and brunettes around him. He seemed to have an aversion to redheads like her.

"Like what you see?" asked a voice across from her and she turned her head away from the window.

Pietro MacLachlan, Gregor's brother, sat across from her with a smile. She studied his platinum blond hair and silver eyes before answering. "Yes, I do like what I see in your brother."

"He likes what he sees too." Pietro whispered, causing Holly to lean in. "He wants to know if you'll go out with him."

"Why couldn't he ask me himself?" she asked.

"Nerves." Pietro lied and Holly nodded.

"Alright. I'll go out on a date with him."

"Good. He'll pick you up at your dorm tomorrow around seven for dinner." Pietro said and he stood.

"How does he know where I live?" she asked and Pietro smiled.

"I'm dating your roommate." he said simply before walking away.

Holly turned to look out the window only to find that Gregor was gone. She sighed and forced herself to concentrate on her homework. She finished nearly five hours later and went to the mess hall for dinner. As she ate her Salisbury steak and mashed potatoes, she felt eyes on her and looked up.

Stephanie and Megan were staring at her.

"What?" she demanded and Stephanie looked at Megan.

"Well, Tyler Wells heard Ashley Monroe listening Delta Mountbatten who overheard it from my boyfriend that you have a date with someone. With a guy." Stephanie said.

Megan nodded. "But no one knows his name." she told Holly.

"None of your business." Holly replied and Stephanie put her hand dramatically over her chest.

"Well I never! We were just going to offer to help you get ready." Megan said for Stephanie.

"Oh go jump off a bridge." Holly exclaimed and a deep laugh came form behind her.

"I knew I'd like with you." Gregor said as he rolled his wheelchair next to Holly who stared at him. "Is something wrong?"

"No. Of course not." Holly replied, getting over her shock. "I'll see you tomorrow then."

"Tomorrow." Gregor repeated before rolling off as quickly as he came.

"You're going out with a cripple?" Stephanie asked and Holly glared. "What?"

"That's your boyfriend's brother." Holly ground out.

"Really?" Stephanie asked and she looked at Megan as Holly stood, taking her plate and threw it away.

She walked back to her dorm and ran into Pietro on the way. "Why didn't you tell me?" she demanded.

"Would it have made a difference?" Pietro shot back.

Holly didn't answer.

"Well it shouldn't." Pietro said looking at something behind her and she turned in time to see Gregor leaving. "I have to go."

Holly, feeling like shit, walked back to her room and flopped down on her bed. She hugged her pillow and closed her eyes. If she really liked him, the fact that he couldn't walk shouldn't have mattered. She tried to get the look on his face when she first realized that he couldn't walk out of her mind. But she couldn't.

She fell asleep not knowing what to do to rectify he situation. When she woke up the next morning, she went about her day as usual. However, it would have been a normal day if Gregor had been at his tree but he wasn't.

He wasn't there the next day either. Or the next day. Even the day after that he was missing in action.

Holly got worried and went to Pietro's apartment. She knocked but Pietro didn't answer, Gregor did. His eyes were red and his mouth looked dry. He grunted at the sight of her and rolled back to hit bottle of Jack Daniels.

"Are you okay?" she asked and he laughed bitterly. "Gregor?"

"No. I'm not okay Holly. I'm crippled and no one wants to date me because of it. What about my fucking personality?" He took another swig. "Tell me something Holly, if you hadn't have known until three days ago when I would have showed up at your door would you have still gone out with me?"

"No," she answered truthfully and he growled, taking another swig. "But I would like to go out with you now."

"Don't pity me."

"I'm not."

"Sure you're not! Why would someone as beautiful and talented as you want to be with some old geezer in a wheelchair like me?" Gregor demanded.

"You're not old." Holly said. "And I've decided it doesn't matter that you're paralyzed from the waist down. It doesn't so just give me a chance."

"Like you gave me one?"

She sucked in a breath. "I deserved that."

"You're damn right you did."

"Please, just give me a chance." Holly said. "What have you got to lose?"

Gregor was silent for a while before answering. "Nothing." He paused. "Fine, seven tomorrow."

"Should I pick you up here?" she asked and realized that she had made a mistake when he tightened his grip on his bottle.

"I'm the man, my penis still works so I'll pick you up. Understand?" he asked icily and she nodded. "Good. Now leave me alone."

Holly left and let out a rush of air as soon as she made it into the elevator. "Just make it through the date and your conscience will be cleared." she told herself.

The next day she waited nervously in her brown peasant skirt and white tunic. She slid her feet into her flats and jumped when a knock on the door came. She walked to it and opened it.

"Hey Gregor, how—"

He shoved white roses at her and glared at her shoes. "Put on heels. You look better in heels." he told her as he waited in the hall.

Holly took off her flats and put on some heels before putting the flowers in a vase. "Are you ready to go?"

"Yes, I've been ready. Let's get this pity date over with so you can clear your stupid conscience" Gregor said and he rolled away without waiting for her. "Hurry up! I want to get back in time for Saved."

Holly hurried after him and made it into the elevator before the doors closed. "You should have waited."

"Bite me."

"Why are you so mean?"

"Just because I don't have a sunny fucking disposition on life doesn't mean that I'm mean. I'm just angry and depressed."


"What are you five?"

"Answer me." she commanded and he raised an intimidating eyebrow. "Please?"

"Because I don't have a sunny fu—"

"Why are you really angry and depressed?" Holly interrupted.

"Because everyone judges me because of this chair and it hurts." Gregor gritted out and he rolled out of the elevator as the doors opened. "The restaurant is in walking distance."

"Okay." she answered.

As they moved down the sidewalk in silence, there were catcalls. "Hey baby, what are you doing with that cripple?" asked one guy.

"Why don't you spend the night with me, a real man. At least I can show you a good time." said another and she had to quicken her steps to keep up with Gregor. "Come on baby, don't run away."

"Why don't you go to them?" Gregor demanded suddenly, stopping. "I said yes, your conscience should be cleared. Go have a good time."

"I don't want to." she found herself saying.

"Fine." Gregor said and she walked next to him. When they finally reached the restaurant, Gregor was still upset. "Is your conscience clear now?"

"It's been cleared since those boys. I'm here because of free will." she told him icily and the corners of his mouth seemed to turn upwards almost unnoticeably.

"We're splitting the bill." he told her.

"Fine." she replied and he held the door open for her. "Thank you."

"Nice ass." he told her, gaining the attention of everyone in the lobby. "You can all stop staring now. She's my date."

"Party of two?" asked the hostess who was staring hungrily at Gregor.

Holly didn't like that look and moved into the hostess' line of sight. "Yes." she said coldly and the hostess got the hint to back off.

As someone led them to their table, she stared at the back of Gregor's head and wondered why she had gotten jealous. She couldn't honestly like him, could she? He was mean and blunt. Those were not qualities she was looking for in a guy.

The pair was led to a booth in the back and Gregor slipped out of his chair and into the booth with ease. Holly moved his chair out of the way before sitting down. They ordered their drinks, a diet Coke and a beer, before the waiter disappeared.

As he studied the wall, she studied his face. He turned his head slightly so that they locked eyes and he smiled softly. "Can I help you?" he asked in a voice similar to his smile.

Holly just shook her head and leaned across the table, dropping a kiss onto his lips. He didn't respond at first but after coaxing his mouth with her tongue, he responded. She lifted her hands into his hair and he pulled the banana clip out of hers. He pulled away fro her moments later.

"Come sit by me." he told her with a silent challenge.

She stood slowly and walked around his chair before sliding into the booth next to him. "Now what?"

He kissed her roughly, savagely as if he hadn't had human contact in years and urged her closer. Frightened at first, she let him do all the work but as she slowly realized that he was testing her, that he needed to get everything out of his system. When he finally pulled away, his face was unreadable and she kissed him tenderly on the forehead before kissing his lips.

"Thank you." he said huskily.

"You're welcome." she replied and the rest of the evening was spent in silence as they ate. He even paid for her.

As they walked back to her dorm, she moved behind him and began to push him. She half-expected him to yell at her but he didn't. They rode in silence in the elevator as well and didn't speak until they reached her door.

"Goodnight." he said softly.

"Good night." she replied and she kissed him again.

"Can I call you?" he asked breathlessly when they pulled away from each other.

"Absolutely." she answered and she wrote her number on his hand. "I'll see you tomorrow, I hope."

"You will. We'll have breakfast together." he told her before nodding and rolling away.

As soon as Holly sat on her bed, her phone rang. "Hello?"

"Is it too soon to call?" Gregor asked and she smiled.

"No." she replied.

"Good." he said and that was the start of something beautiful.

The next morning, Stephanie and Megan were shocked to find Holly making out with Gregor on the grass near a tree. They were laughing in between kissing and so completely involved in each other. So much for her being asexual they decided and went about the day, seeing Holly and Gregor everywhere together.