I stay inside you head,

I hide inside your mind,

You know me as irrational,

You know me as unkind,

You want to get rid of me,

But you'll never get me out,

I make you want to scream,

I make you want to shout,

You hate the very thought of me, but just to let you know,

I am unnatural feeling,

That will cause despair and woe,

I hate everything living,

I love to make people cry,

I'll make you ask the question,

What's my purpose here and why?

I love the way i make you feel,

The emotions scars i give won't heal,

I make you see the world unreal,

I make you think you're stupid,

I like to break your heart,

And just to let you know,

From the beginning i did not start,

I grew into your system,

For years i did sleep,

Until the day you woke me,

From your jealousy did you weep,

From that day i grew,

Corrupting your every thought,

I then drew,

A line that grows to branches,

That blackened up your brain,

I'll make you too stubborn for help,

And yet I'll drive you insane,

The waves inside your head,

I tend to twist them out of beat,

The rhythm no longer smooth and flowing,

But rapid like fire and heat,

I'll take you down for the count,

I'll take you to the last of your amount,

And take you for your pride,

No more tears to hide,

This is what i attend to do,

Only the help of others will get you though,

My wrath,

My path,

My everlasting math,

You know me as many things but my true identity,

I am the sin,