It's lovely, it really is. The way the wood is crafted to form such a dashing and nimble ship. The carving on the side, displayed proudly to whoever gazes upon it, wields a setting sun cast over the ocean with a lone bird standing out before it all. No island in sight. Word around the market is it could catch any ship needed.

The Vision, a three mast vessel large enough to hold over 300 persons, and powerful enough to outrun even the fastest government ship, good thing too, because sadly, that's exactly what it has been doing for the past seventeen years.

She's attacked many a ship, always winning, collecting major amounts of well priced goods. Of course the money was equally distributed among the members of the crew. Even though the crew wasn't there for the money by this point in time, they stayed for they loved the ship like it was there own, and in a way it was. They liked the way the ship was run, fairly, docking once every two fortnights. Longer if needing repairs that someone aboard couldn't fix.

The ship is known for being a pirate's ship, not a kind one at that. Many a bed time story was based aboard the boat, never having a happy ending. Stories told about the crew didn't either. Saying something like how the crew are all dead and searching for their buried treasure, or lost loved one's down at Davy Jones Locker. Sadly people always assume they know everything, wanting never to find out the truth. In some people's minds, what they make up or happen to blow out of proportion is the truth or what they have led themselves and whoever they tell believe.

'We were beached way to long for comfort.' She silently thought to herself, looking out at the soft tide as the white caps seem to be wishing her to come to them, be one of them. How she longed to be on the sea once more. All these land folk bore her to hell. With their corset dresses, their top hats, and way of acting so rude to one another you wonder how they avoid fights at the local balls between the men. Don't even get me started on what the women might do.

As Bella boarded The Vision, the soft rocking of the boat took her by surprise, remembering how the sway had once put the poor girl to sleep many years ago. She has been a crew member from day one....literally....Bella's mom one year after her birth, she came down with scurvy and died. She was told by many that her mother had loved her. It must be true, no one would lie to her. Her father was forced to raise her on board the ship.

There was no way a man of his importance would stop such a profitable business just for a child. Most of the crew members seemed to become her adopted family. Bella probably knew them better than her own father; come to think of it...they were sought at as fathers more than her own. The most father-like character aboard was her dear friend, and once caretaker, Salty. He has always been given the unwanted ask of explaining the facts of life to Bella, as well as the changes she was going through. Many of the crew didn't mind Bella being around when she was younger, but as she grew into a lady, the men didn't want her doing many chores anymore. Bella would have none of that. She knew she could accomplish chores any of the men could do, and her father knew it to.

Bella set down her few belongings in her cabin and noticed how the ship swaying become softer and came to the conclusion that they were on there way out to sea, she was home. She peered around the somewhat lightened room, and was instantly reminded of her mother. After her mum pasted away, her father started giving her all of her mum's old things. Like her old china cups and saucers her father got for her mother when he traveled to china, or her old jewelry box filled with rings, bracelets, and necklaces, that were absolutely beautiful. Things cluttered the walls and shelves, even the space on the floor had been mostly taken up by the overflow of objects. Each piece had a story.

What Bella adored most though was the thought of finally being able to wear one of her mum's dresses she kept in a chest from Africa. For years now all she could do was look at them wondering if any would ever fit her like they did her mother. People said she looked identical to her but Bella doubted she was anywhere near her mum's beauty. She had but one picture of her mum, it rested by her bedside on a small table. Most of the time it lay face down. Bella wouldn't tell anyone why.

After organizing, she happily skipped up the stairs, missing the dangerous and weak ones, landing safely on the deck side of the ship Bella felt her stomach settle as she deeply inhaled the salty air. Looking out to the water, she said a little prayer as always and watched the shore disappear.

After about thirty minutes sailing, she almost couldn't see the shore of Tambine anymore. This is saying a lot considering the fact that Tambine was one of the largest ports of that time in the known world. It was also were the crew were forced to stay for a total of one week while supplies were delivered, and damage caused by the last attack could be repaired.

Off about sixty yards west, Bella thought she could see something, something ship-like. What to do but go and get her spy-glass she had been given for her tenth birthday by Salty and scope out potential pray for The Vision.

Her room may be messy, but she could tell where every little thing was. Retrieving it took no time at all. Quickly she looked, yes it was still there, and aimed. Peering through her gift the scope she saw the outline in full detail, 'A ship, and a rich ship at that!' It's not that she loved fighting, but the adrenalin rush is to die for. She was so giddy with herself; she kept looking out at the ship, again and again. Before realizing,' my god, I need to tell someone. 'Well who better to tell than good old Salty?

And just like that, Bella bounded towards Salty's kitchen so as to see if it would be at all possible if just maybe there would be any chance of attack. Of course he stood awaiting Bella, as he had heard her prancing down his stairs. Knowing most of the crew members don't prance, Salty automatically assumed it was girly. She came in out of breath, talking so fast the poor old man's hearing couldn't pick up on. Though everyone knows when Bella gets hyper, a ship is on the horizon.

"Salty, come here, quick! It's a ship, a really big ship!" "Fine Bell, I'm comin'. Let me have a look see." And with that Salty produced a spy-glass of his own, seeming to scan the open water for signs of a ship. Sure enough a blurry brown object came to view. (His eyesight wasn't too good either)"Good spottin' girly! We will be needin' to run along now and inform your Pa of this discovery. Go on ahead; you'll beat me every time."

Now old Salty had been sea-worthy for years now and had the thickest pirate's accent Bella had ever heard. Such an accent made her laugh every time he spoke, as it was very different from her high Victorian English accent. And she wondered why every time...But this is something way to good to pass up. She loves a good boarding, especially when the ship in question is a good looking vessel.

Bella sprinted across the ship in search of her father. The usual frantic scurrying of the crew members made it quite difficult for Bella to dodge everyone while asking about the Captain. Finding her father near the wheel she jumped up the higher platform. Of course the wheel, it was the furthest point away from were the ship was spotted. This, my friends, is how Bella got her exercise. She quickly made her presence known and calmly spoke with her Father about the discovery. In which Salty had now caught up and had joined the conversation. Before she could finish her explanation on why they should attack she was shushed, as if Captain was dismissing the idea. He then spun on heel, and yell at the top of his lungs to his crew members…

"ALL HANDS ON DECK! ALL HANDS ARMED! ALL HANDS…ATTACK!" Yup, you could say Bella was defiantly her father's daughter.