Erin felt so hopeless as she was led through the dorms to her new room. The world was out to get her, she was sure of it. She had not only just been forced into this stupid school, she found out she would have a roommate. What kind of freak would she end up with, she wondered. Her new principal, Mrs. Wellings opened the door to a room on the left and extended her arm to wave Erin in. Inside were two twin beds, two desks, two dressers, and a night stand. It was so empty. Erin missed her room already, with it's posters, and big bed. At that one moment Erin felt so completely far from her world that all things bad slammed into her mind at once. The result: the breakdown of a usually tough girl. It was all she could do to sit up, so Erin lay down on her new bed and sobbed late into the day.

A gentle hand nudged Erin awake. She could feel the exhaustion in her body from crying so hard. She gathered it was evening, judging from the light coming in the window, casting rainbows of beauty on her wall. But that didn't interest her now. The she remembered, ...someone had nudged her awake. Suddenly nervous, Erin rolled over, not sure what to expect. Beautiful green eyes met hers with concern.

"Who are you?"

"Name's Will, I'm your roomy. Are you ok? You look horrible..."

"Well," Erin muttered," I feel horrible. I don't know anyone or anything here. I wanna go home."

"Already?! But you haven't been here but a day!"

"I don't care," Erin always was stubborn,"It's like a prison!"

Will rose from her position at Erin's head. The gentleness in her demeanor relaxed Erin somewhat. In a gentle tone Will went into a wonderful talk about the school. In her words, the place sounded fantastic. Will wove beautiful stories of the flowers, the grand old halls, the nearby woods, the amazing sunsets, and so on. By the end, Erin didn't feel quite so lonely.

" Now, where is your luggage? I'll help you unpack and get organized."

And so they got started, talking all the while. As the evening progressed, Erin learned how different Will was from herself, but she was drawn to the strange creature babbling to her. Every now and then, Will would give her this look. Her eyes seemed to say,"Everything is alright, and if ti's not, I'll make it better for you..."

That night the girls lay down to sleep, Erin looked out the window at the starry sky. She felt that maybe thinks would turn out all right, as long as she had her Will.