You Left Your Life

The fifth hotel in a week, you're laying in a cold bed
The endless touring never seem to stop
The pressure to succeed is constantly there
The isolation at night is gloomy
The love you get is never there

You haven't had a day off in months
You wonder if you ever will
The road makes you an empty soul
And morals and values easily get lost between shirts and socks
The jetlag can't make you sleep
Afraid to face your demons
Too exhausted to even cry

You often forget the day and date
Which country you're in and what language to speak
You live in a bobble that never breaks
A year is like another lifetime; you grew two years in the last
Fame affects you, but then again how could it not
You left your day job, but in reality you left your life
Once you go there, you can't come back
Suddenly ordinary seems pleasant