No more Fatty McFatFat

Chapter Three

Here I go…

I smoothed down my halter and made sure my pockets were in on my jeans, took one last deep breath and opened the door.

In front of me, students were crowded all around the hallway. Squealing and talking and laughing, among hugging those friends that they hadn't seen in three months. I smiled slightly, and my smile grew as I saw all of my friends smiling and laughing. I observed them for a minute longer before I drew up the courage to walk up to them.

I stood to the side, but they all ignored me, walking around me to get to someone on my other side. I know my weight changed, but my black hair was still the same, except I had gotten it cut more stylish with layers framing my face, and my light grey highs were highly unique.

"Uh, hey everybody," I spoke shyly, but loud enough for them to hear me.

A couple of them turned towards me, but some just ignored me.

I was looking at them, willing them to recognize me. Suddenly a high squeal came from my right and I turned just in time to see a blur of dark brown fly at me.

"Oh my god! Libby! Is that you?"

Duh, of course Kaylie would always recognize me no matter how I looked. I hugged back. It felt good to finally talk to someone again.

She drew back and smiled at me, "You look so great! When did this happen? Ah! I can't get over it!" She hugged me again after firing all that at me at a rapid pace. I laughed.

"Thanks, about two weeks ago, and is that a good thing?"

"Yes! Yes!"

Kaylie's loud exuberance drew the attention of my other friends. They just looked at us funny, no recognition.

"Kaylie! Who's your, uhm, friend?" A girl's voice sounded. Me and Kaylie both turned around to see our friend Rachel.

Was it just me or did Rachel just use the voice she used when she disliked someone?

"Duh! This is Libby!"

Rachel's mouth hung open in surprise for a minute before she regained her composure.

"You look so… different," she smiled, but I didn't know if it was friendly or not. I was confused. Rachel was my friend, why was she acting weird?

Kaylie huffed impatiently.

"Duh," she said to Rachel, then turned to the crowd of my friends, "JUST FOR CONFORMATION. THIS IS LIBBY!"

Finally, we got the attention and recognition of my other friends. Some of them stared at me in shock for a minute, before squealing and engulfing me in hugs and complimenting me.

I smiled, I liked the new me, and my friends did too. Most of them…


"Damn!" I heard a male voice say behind me. I rolled my eyes at Kaylie, but smiled. She nudged me with her arm, grinning.

I had been getting similar comments from guys all day. Kaylie was with me a lot of the time, so she witnessed these. It wasn't only me the guys were aiming the comments at, it was Kaylie as well.

"Girl, they think that you are a hottie!" she said loudly.

"It's not just me," I grinned at her.

She grinned back and we linked arms and walked down the hallway to lunch.

We spotted some of our friends at a table and sat down. I wasn't too worried about lunch because most of my friends didn't eat anyway. I sat down and we all talked for a while before it got boring. Thirty minutes with nothing to do. We did what girls do best: gossip.

"And she's going out with Ken Mathers but I saw her last Saturday at a party with Ben Sherman!"

"I know, I definitely think that she's cheating on him, poor Ken," another girl said sympathetically.

And so it continued.

"I'm going to get a bottle of water. Anyone want one?" I asked the other girls, standing up.

"Sure." "Yeah."

I put the money they gave me in my back pocket and walked to the other side of the cafeteria to the machine. I put my dollar bill in but it spit I back out. I tried again with the same result.

"Stupid dollar," I muttered in frustration, trying to straighten the bill on the edge of the machine. A hand came around me and inserted a crisp dollar bill in the machine. It stayed.

"Here. What would you like?" a deep voice asked from behind me.

I turned around, but the person behind me was the person I least expected (or wanted) to see. Brad Taylor.


"Hey look everyone," a small brown haired boy yelled, gaining the attention of kids on the playground at Lakeview Elementary, "it's fatty mcfatfat."

Several of the kids roared with laughter. The little girl who the comment was aimed at lowered her head and sniffled. She lifted her head for a brief moment. All sound except for laughing and taunts went away. It roared in her ears.

"Fatty McFatFat, Fatty McFatFat, FATTY MCFATFAT!"

The girl choked back a sob and fled to the school building.

End flashback

Brad Taylor was tall, about 6'1, he had medium length brown hair, and blue eyes. He was part of the popular crowd, and he was muscular from playing football. Needless to say, the boy was hott. I could admit that, but he had been my number 1 tormenter in elementary and middle school. He hadn't called me any names since high school, probably because we didn't see eachother that much.

I realized that I never told him what I wanted.


Brad pushed the button and we waited in silence for the bottle to drop. Once it did, he took it out and handed it to me. I noticed that he gave her a once over, I blushed.

'I'm not supposed to blush,' I thought angrily.

"So," he said smoothly, "I don't think I've seen you around here before. Are you new?"

I snorted, unbelievable. "Uhm, no. I've gone to the same school as you since elementary."

Brad looked confused.

"Fatty Mcfatfat, isn't so fat anymore is she?" I said, and turned away. I walked back to my table confidently.


I gave the girl in front of me a once over. Nice. I tried to play it off smooth.

"So, I don't think I've seen you around here before. Are you knew?"

Well, that was the truth. I hadn't seen her. If I had she would've been with me already.

Arrogant? Of course. But I could afford to be. I was hott, popular, a jock. A lot of girls liked me, I basically had my pick.

"Uhm, no. I've gone to the same school as you since elementary."

Before I had time to answer she made another comment.

"Fatty Mcfatfat isn't so fat anymore is she?" she said. She smirked at me and walked away.

I kind of stood there for a minute. Fatty McFatfat? I racked my brain.

Uh oh. In elementary and middle schools I made fun of a girl because she was chubby. Now it was biting me in the ass.

I cursed myself for a minute.

She could still be mine. I could get her. I can get any girl I want. I'm Brad Taylor.

There goes my ego again.

I smiled at a few girls as I went back to my table to share what I learned with the guys.

'Fatty Mcfatfat isn't so fat anymore is she?'

'No, she isn't, pretty hott actually.

I give it a month.

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