This was the second of the three one-shots. It's pretty good, I think, but once again, depressing. A twist on the Little Mermaid. Before, I said not the Disney version, because it is different, other than my twist on it: she has different hair color, he's different... etc. I just realized, though, that it's pretty much the same as the Hans Christian Anderson version. When I wrote it (a couple years ago) I seriously didn't know that. I guess I thought of the whole Foam thing subconsciously because of it... or... something. Now, I've got to say something about the movie: it's great and all, but, really, Ariel gives away EVERYTHING she knows for a guy. Now, come on. That's not right.

He had wanted me, I knew it. But then she came. She came, and she ruined everything. A month ago, my hopes had been so high. A month ago, I had come into this world, sure that I could do the task assigned to me. So many things can change in a month. I had been so close.

I wandered out of my cabin, onto the deck of the boat. My feet made no noise as I glided over to the rail, didn't even leave the blood coated footprints as usual. I stared up at the inky black sky, the few stars twinkling and glowing like tiny fireflies, mocking me. I brought my gaze down to the sea. Waves lapped at the sides of the ship, foaming temptingly.

The sea whispered to me, its voice soft, husky, caressingly, into my ear. Come to us, it whispered, come and join us. We love you. We can make you happy. Why stay, when all your troubles can be gone… lost in our depths… it was horribly convincing… why stay back? He doesn't love me… nothing keeps me here… go… my troubles will be relieved… lost in the sea… I shook my head to clear it.

I glided over to the prince's cabin, much larger than mine, hung with silk… the door was shut tight, but I creaked it open noiselessly and slipped toward the bed. I gazed down on them, happy and embracing in their wedding night bed.

A dagger appeared in my hand. It was a simple thing, adorned with a green wrapped hilt of some unknown substance, with engravings in some ancient mysterious language on the blade. The deal was clear: the man falls in love with me, I stay a human my whole life. I don't gain his affections, I may return to being a mermaid… either by killing him with the dagger, or by becoming her slave, as so many before me have. To serve her was to become the most black being… the deeds she does is enough to make anyone hate themselves to oblivion… but so many had taken that path before me, so many had sacrificed their sanity, everything for the man they were after…

I had been so close… but then she came… and ruined everything. I stared at the dagger. It would be so easy. Plunge it into his vulnerable chest, bare before me, and I would be free. So easy… one simple movement… and when dawn broke, the bride would wake, her golden head high and full of misery, her spattering of freckles standing out more than usual in her pale face.

No one would suspect me, the mute beauty, dark eyes full of real sorrow, long, dark brown curls hanging around my face, covering it. No one would suspect me, the prince's friend, who they found lying shivering on the beach. Not even when I disappeared forever.

I held the knife, poised over him. I tried to make my arm go down, in the swift movement it would take to steal his life… my arm refused to move, refused to obey… or maybe it was obeying, in a different way… do I really want to kill him? Do I really want this? I knew the answer, and I withdrew my hand. If I could cry, I would break into tears. If I hadn't given up my voice with my other life, I would scream. If I hadn't had to save him, none of this would've happened.

I slipped out of their room, and walked to the prow of the ship. The knife was still in my hand… it glinted maliciously in the moonlight. At any moment I could bring it towards myself… I could end this pain.

The sea whispered to me, called to me… Come to us, come to us… end this… come to us…

I smiled gently, softly… I would not be in servitude for that terrible woman… there was one option yet open to me, one option no one has taken thus far. I took a deep breath, savoring my last moments… and I opened myself, my heart, my soul to the sea.

Will I be remembered? Would he wake up one morning, and think… I wonder what ever happened to her, where she went…

Dawn breaks. A man and his new wife walk out of their cabin and over to the front of the ship. The woman holds onto her husband's arm and looks out into the horizon, then down into the inviting sea. Foam laps the edges of the vessel, so calm, so lovely. She smiles down upon it, and looks up at her new husband.

"The sea is so beautiful," she says softly, "the foam seems to be whispering… whispering a mournful song…"

He chucks her gently under her chin, smiling lovingly down on her fair face. "Now, you know that's nonsense, darling. The sea doesn't talk."

She leans in closer to him. "I know," she says, so softly I can barely hear it, "I know… it was only a fancy… only a thought." They turn around and leave, back to the cabin, and I am taken away by the sea.

The other foam seems to murmur its acceptance towards me, loving words, accepting me into their world, as others never had. They sigh my name as one, the last time I will hear it.

My last thought breezes through my mind, almost lost in my last moments. He didn't love me. He never has, and he never will. His wife remembered, but not him. He doesn't remember me, he never will. He loves her…

I understand this, I make it part of me. My last thoughts are swept out of my mind, I collapse into my brothers and sisters… and I forget.