I will steal that kiss from sun

to bring you a smile....

I have hurt you because you love me

because the things you make me feel

they hurt me so hard, I can't show you

how much you are to me.

for example, I would like to hug you

to dream together

though it is just dream.

it is a stupid question

do you love me?

perhaps I know the answer

but my heart is always uncertain

to those feelings

I love you too.

I will reach that star from night

to bring you a light in the way...

everything has been wasted

actually, I have anything but you

the darkness is chasing me again

silence remains of my soul.

rescue me from my own sorrow

if it is not too late

look for me.

I was selfish but I loved you more than just myself

so forgive me, I could dare to face another day 'cause of you.