The beats slowly fade,

And the minor key plays,

All the couples get up

To slow dance and sway

Tears decide to form

At the corners of my eyes

And I turn to look at you

Camouflaged between guys

"Save me the last dance,"

I whisper to myself,

As I move in on you,

Sitting by yourself

You avoid eye contact-

It hurts to see me tear

But you get up to dance

As it's the flutes you hear

I smile and I move

Looking up at your frame

Knowing completely well

This dance won't be the same

I pull you close

And your arms wrap around me

All I hear is your heartbeat

And all I feel is you embracing

We start to sway,
move to and fro

Like all the other clones

And keep close as we do so

I don't listen to the music

Because all my senses are tuned to you

And I just listen to your uneasy breathing

That you so commonly do

The song's so faint in my ears

It's barely a tune

But from what I hear,

It'll be over soon.

Tears fall from my eyes

As I know we soon must part

And this moment will be lost

Even though I knew that from the start

With one final note

Over is our slowly moving trance

But even when everything is done and gone

Just save me the last dance.