You say the sun will rise tomorrow

I say it may not

You cannot judge your future from your past

Or you are doomed to repeat your mistakes

Each day must be a new adventure

You must wake each morning wondering

Not with a sigh

Do something you normally wouldn't

Just to see what happens

Ride the experience like a bolt of lightning

Screaming with the wind

Paint the day to match your mood

Don't look down

Just jump

Who cares about the landing

It is the fall that matters

Will you fall with fear

Or with a smile

Yell at the sky

Just to hear the sound of your voice

Echoing into eternity

Dance when the mood hits

Not just when it's proper

Give it to me

I want it all

I have no time

For your conflicting points of view

The freedom of life calls me

And off into the night I run

With a kiss for the world left behind

I step into the great unknown