God Knows What Will Happen

Maybe life has a meaning

Maybe love will find me

Maybe I'll live to tell the tale

Of a girl who was lost, but was found

Maybe life is empty

Maybe love won't bother looking for me

Maybe I won't live to tell the tale

Of a girl who was lost and never found

God knows how life will turn out

God knows if we'll get what we want

God know if the monsters under your bed

Will go hunting for you tonight

All you can do is make the best of what you have

And dream you'll reach your goals

And pray you'll live another day

And be able to tell your life story

Just keep on smiling

And living your life

Just keep on moving

Never look back

Don't look for the meaning in your life

Because it's better to stay where you are when you're lost

Wait where you are, and meaning will find you

God knows what will happen…