One day,
In a land far
There was one little girl,
And two tiny boys
Whose feelings together made a whole lot of noise.
"Whom to choose"?
The little girl inquires,
"For I must decide before my flame for both expires."
So she thought and she thought,
Elegantly with poise,
For she, the prize, had to choose one of the boys.
So she pondered and contemplated the fate of her heart,
And her very next decision was none too smart:
She secretly gave her soul to one and the other
And to her true love, his love did she seem to smother,
But lo' and behold as she blew the other a kiss,
They both fell into a state of sheer and utter bliss.
So she packed up her song,
Her laugh
And her kiss
And noticed that all along she'd been directly amiss.
The song belonged rightfully in the ears of this boy,
And the other true love was just a mere decoy.
But when she played it to him,
The sinner,
It had an allure that was utterly grimmer.
Not natural,
Or pretty,
Or cute anymore,
For she now knew what he always had had in store.
The kiss they exchanged was nothing too real,
Just a con to fit his temporary hunger appeal.
So she thought
And she thought
And she thought once more.
As whispers entered her ear:
"Why stop, why stop now, you whore?"
And for once she listened to her heartbeat flow
And back to her true love did she go.
She gave him her soul,
All fancy and nice,
Which no one Earth
Could ever price.