The flowers are falling.
The sky is darkening.
The sun kissed earth,
Beneath your feet,
Is calling my name.
I don't hope to hold
Onto my grasp,
Of what I have
Of life left.
I pray to God
To make me hurt
No more.
I wish with all my heart.
That the clouds
Would part.
Let me see the stars
Just one last time.
Clear a path for me
To wish my life
No more crying
In the dark.
No more wondering
Who I am.
No more fearing what will happen.
No more hurting, again.
I want to slip away.
I know that I am leaving soon.
And I know I can't come back.
Promise me now that you
Will not cry,
For me.
I want to see you all
Just one more time before I go.
Hold me close,
Whisper memories,
And promise now,
You will remember me.
When I get home,
I will tell Him,
I've got friends in line.
I'll wait for you,
At the Gate,
Someday we'll meet