I sat on the pink couch next to my aunt dressed in a brown tank top and Guess jeans, hair tied back into a ponytail. We were at my grandmother's house. My grandfather sat on the one seater to the left of me. His hair half grey and half brown, in a patterned dress shirt and black dress pants. There was a dark feeling in the air and it haunted my senses. Everyone around me was crying and sobbing loudly.

"Where's grandma?" I asked concerned. Oh there she was! She wore a blue designed T-shirt and brown dress pants and was pushing a dark blue stroller with a small boy inside with light blue pajamas on. He was my adorable little cousin.

"She… died remember?" My aunt cried even more and blew her nose on a tissue.

"No, she's right there!" I pointed to her, "Grandma tell her to stop joking like that, tell her," I watched my grandmother smile sadly at me and returned to pushing the stroller.

"Stop… she's gone, don't kid yourself," my aunt said as she cried. This couldn't be! I stood up and followed my grandma who was walked back and forth from one end of the living room to the other pushing the stroller with my sleeping cousin inside. I stood up and followed her.

"Grandma!" I said in English, She made no sign of hearing my voice. "Grandma, talk to me!" I demanded in my language. I was placing my hand on her shoulder when it dropped right back to my side. I heard my cousin crying. What? He's sleeping… who's crying then? I whirled around and found my cousin wide-awake on the ground playing with toys.

If he's there… I turned back around to find my grandma and the stroller. She was gone. Just like that. Gone. I wanted to shout, to scream, to cry, but I couldn't. I lost my voice to the darkness and the confusion inside.

Shivering in a messed up blanket and sweating, my eyes shoot open and I'm still shaking insanely. My hand quivering, I slowly reach for the phone on my desk, which is right next to my bed. Hastily, I dial a number. I held my breath as the dial tone filled my ears.

"Hello?" My grandma's voice fills my ears and my eyes start to water.

"I-I missed you," I smile weakly and taking in a deep breath.