Light on the Dark Days (Thank You)

Silent light

The clouds sing

A sad song

Full of passion for another

But he shall never know

For she was too shy to tell him

What she felt

What her heart was saying

Every time he was near

Every time he came to see her

Weather it was just for help

Or because he wanted to talk

He never knew

But that was alright with her

Her friends said she was crazy

For not telling him

Not going out there

But she was happy

Content with herself

And the changes she made in her life

I guess you could say

She was glade she always had

Those feelings for him

And she never had to deal

With squashed dreams

And broken hearts

No matter how much more

There is to life

She will always be thankful

To one person in her life

Whose mere presence gave her strength

On her darkest days

And now she knows

That the friendship that is blooming

Is more important then anything else

That could of happened

If she had told him