So what if this is all my mess

What if I refuse to progress

Guess I'll drown just like all the rest

In this world that's mine alone

I've all I need and all I own

From my skin down to my bone

I know soon I'll be naught but stone

All I need is the will to suppress

Soon thoughts will coalesce

And I'll be free from all my stress

In this work that I've created

I'll prove that which I have stated

Soon I'll no longer be so weighted

As my hunger will soon be sated

I've already begun to regress

My thoughts all to evanesce

Off into that warm caress

In this place that I now roam

I'll finally find my one true home

Soon I'll break from what is known

So I leave my mind here in this tome

I know this land is just a lie

I know that I should still try

I just don't have a reason why

All I that's left is my goodbye