Hello Handsome

Plunge into steaming shallow waters,
those spurting drip drops from a
metallic vein in your house.
So close the curtain, start the show
as the shower head conducts me in my,
up before the still sleeping sunrise,
early morning symphony.

The vocal acoustics, reverberating,
make the cold shower curtain bend
and sway to the notes of still tired
yawns and the sleepies in my eyes.

I soak with soaps and suds and "Hello Handsome…" smells
and an imaginarily amplifying microphone shampoo bottle
that just plain smells like sexy… And no matter how
hot the water gets my shivers always give hindrance
to my pathetic attempt at getting to school on time.

The cascading beads of slowly cooling water
roll smoothly down my legs and flow like
rain drops from my hair. Caught in my
coarse but comforting navy blue towel,
one mutters idle chatter, says a simple thing that
doesn't matter or mean anything to anyone
who has ever seen this sunrise.