The bell signaling the start of lunch had just rung a few minutes ago. Everyone started piling out of their classrooms hastily, dumping their books into their lockers before heading to the cafeteria. Myself included.

I patiently waited for my best friend Marissa. She was probably taking her time, trying to annoy me.

Soon after, a redhead was making her way towards me. That pony-tailed hair of hers was bouncing up in a dancing pace. It probably caught the attention of the varsity players passing by.

"Took you long enough, Reese." I said, using her nickname.

She used my last name in return. "Sorry, Yuri. I wanted to admire the beautiful school."

The school looked decent. It wasn't dirty; it was actually really clean compared to the other schools I've been too. It even kind of looks like a five-star hotel. Honest, I'm not lying. But no one would admire our school. Who actually does that??

I scoffed at her. "Yeah, right…"

"Honest." She read my mind.

I laughed again. "Is it so hard for you to believe me?"

I looked at her with a questioning face, pretending to be thinking before nodding my head, and saying "Yeah…"

She slapped my arm lightly beforetelling meto hurry before the burgers run out.

We made our way to the cafeteria and sat down at our usual table. Too bad we didn't sit on our usual chairs.

"I really want us to have a permanent seating arrangement." I suggested. The other seven people who were seated stared back at me in amusement. They were probably thinking that I was a weirdo, or something near that.


"Are you that bored??" My twin brother, Nathan asked. Some might think that it feels weird to be in the same group as your sibling. But it isn't, honestly. Nathan and I are really close, but not to the point where I'll tell him I find his best friend, Zephyr hot. Everyone does.

"Not at all. I'm pretty stressed out actually. It's just that Zeph keeps sitting on my seat." I told him. He looked at his best friend before they looked at me.

Zephyr and my brother is an odd pair of best friends. My brother's really crazy and loud, while the other is shy and kind of mysterious. Zephyr's not that shy to the point where he won't talk to anybody except for his close group of friends. Let's just say he likes masking himself. He's often expressionless.

"What did I do?" He asked, taking his gaze away from his sandwich.

"You're on her seat." My strawberry blonde hair friend, Brittany answered for me.

He stood up. His six foot two inch frame was towering over all of us who were sitting. He might look intimidating to others, but not to me. I've known the guy for five years.

"You can sit down, on your seat, now." He emphasized the your. It wasn't in a bossy way; it was just…in...a Zephyr way.

"…I was being sarcastic." I continued. "You've known me for half a decade and you still don't know when i'm being sarcastic or not!" I teased.

His other personality took place.

"Gosh!" He imitated me. "I was too busy admiring your hot body. I didn't realize you were bossy."

"Hey, that was a bad imitation of me." I laughed and laughed, and only stopped where I couldn't breath anymore.

"Never do that voice again, Zeph. That was so gay!" Josh said to his friend.

He just smiled. Then motioned his arm for me to stand up. And stupid me, I followed.

He got a hold of my waist, and set me on top of him. My ass comfortably rested on his lap.

Zephyr is also unpredictable. I forgot to add that. Sometimes he can black himself out from the world, or sometimes he can be affectionate, and be part of us.

He's got the looks, but it's still a mystery to us why he doesn't date as often as my other friends do. I'm not calling my other guy friends womanizers, well…they are. I'll just say he's reserving himself for the 'one'.

I want to laugh.

He circled my waist with his well-toned arms and I rested my head on his chest. Thankfully my brother doesn't mind. He's not overprotective at all. And I'm not with him. We both believe in experimenting with different kinds and not holding back.


"Are you sure you guys aren't dating?" Brittany asked mischievously, the Gossip Queen that she is.

"Hell no." I answered casually.

"Well, you two could be easily mistaken for a couple." Ashley pointed out.

I looked at Zephyr's electric blue eyes before asking him to release me from his grip. He shook his head like a little kid.

"Zeph…yr." I forced, trying to get away.

He tightened the grip. This was definitely amusing my brother and the rest.

"You two should definitely go out."

I pulled out a disgusted face. "Fuck no."

"Oh, come on Jamie! Are you still sticking on to your title of Most Hard-to-Get??"

"I'm not hard-to-get!"

They looked at me like I was crazy.

"Every time a guy asks you, you spat them a sarcastic remark! Admit it, you're in need of a boyfriend!"

"No!" I disagreed to all six of them.

"Yes, you're in desperate need. That's why you enjoy the times when Zephyr is affectionate."

Yes, I do.

But not because I like him! I just find him hot. I like it when he's affectionate, because the times when he isn't, he acts like some troubled slashing kid.

"What the hell??" I was becoming impatient and annoyed.

My brother was obviously entertained. He was badly trying to restrain himself from going down on the floor, and rolling his ass on it.

"Zephyr let go." He finally loosened his hold from me, and I quickly stood up and scrambled over to where I sat before.

Zephyr started grinning. Those pearly whites were showing. But those electrifying blue orbs were hidden beneath those wisps of light brown hair.

"Glad to know I'm the object of your amusement." He didn't say anything. He just continued widening his grin.

"Jamie." Marissa said, looking at me.


"How come you're the only one that can make him grin? Or even show emotion?"

"Huh?? Nathan can."

"But you're the only girl."

Where is she going??

"Because I've known her for so long." Zephyr answered the question I couldn't reply to.

And thank god he did.

Band practice was tiring. The upper E string of my electric guitar broke and I had no spare. Mike had to give me one of his many extras. I gave the guys the song I just finished writing. It was about lost love. And they liked it. As in they hugged me and praised me after they read it!

After playing a couple more cover-up songs in Calvin's, the vocalist's garage, we ate a bit, laughed, and acted like four-year olds. I love being part of a band. The guys are really funny, and caring. We go to different schools, but practically live just a few blocks away from each other. Tyler the bassist of the band, offered me a ride home, but I declined. He knew I had a car, I was guessing he was going to try his luck on asking me out…again.

I turned on the engine of my Mercedes and drove to my home sweet home. The gates opened automatically and I parked my car at the entrance of the house. The garage was full of unused cars. We had ten, when we only needed four, one for my dad, another for my mom, one more for Nathan, and lastly, one for me.

I uncaringly threw my bag on one of the couches on the living room before someone said 'Fuck.' out loud. I never knew couches could talk.

Very smart…I said to myself.

"Oh, it's only you." I said sarcastically to Zephyr while he rubbed his forehead with his hand.

He sent me a glare, but I still continued. "Are you trying to kill me? Well, it's not working. And it won't."

He sent me a harder one. "I see you won't stop staring at me. Just take a picture, it'll last longer."

He looked away. He gave up without saying anything. He didn't want to waste that precious deep voice of his. He was blacking me out. This isn't a first. It already happened a lot of times; I just black him out too, for a second.

I headed over to the couch to where he sat and plopped down beside him. He inched further away from me.

"Take a bath. What did you guys do in band practice??" He asked disgustedly, finding me sweaty. I think he's just kidding around.

"Look who's talking. You're sweaty and dirty yourself."

"Well, you normally get sweaty and dirty when you have soccer practice. You just play your guitar, that's not tiring." He was obviously musically challenged.

"Yes, it is." Was all I was able to say.

"I love your comeback. Very…mature." He commented sarcastically. I slapped him in the arm and he grinned.

"Stop grinning. Your face sucks." Childish me.

"Whatever." He got up and made his way up the stairs. He was going to listen to me. He was going to take a bath. Ha!

I love Friday nights. But this Friday night was boring. There was no party. Everybody was too busy thinking of next week's Halloween dance. And I was left with Nathan and Zephyr who was playing a game with the X-Box 360.

My girl friends were out in some club partying, and I was too tired to dance. Marissa tried forcing me, but she eventually gave up. She was probably going to come home early, she sounded tired when I spoke to her.

"Do you want to play?" My brother asked me, handing the controller to me.

"Sure." I got it from him, and Zeph and I started racing.

Zephyr was in second place while I was in third. The road was a little bit straight and I still had a boost. I pressed the button that engaged the boost, and soon enough I was holding the number one spot. I was too caught up on being in first place that I didn't realize Zephyr's car immediately zoomed right pass me.

I mouthed a profanity, which made my brother snicker. After a few more minutes of intense racing, Zeph raised his arms in triumph. I would have probably done a victory dance and embarrass myself, but shy emo Zephyr isn't like me.

"That was close." He said to me, trying to not make me feel bad.

"Yeah…" I said, oblivious of what I could say.

And then my brother asked the most un-Nathan like question. "Hey Jamie, do you want to sleep in our room?"

"What??" I said a little too quickly.

"It's not like you and Zeph are going to have sex." EWW. "And besides, I'll be there watching the both of you."

EWWW. Never in my whole life will I have sex with Zephyr. Kissing him even is like committing suicide for me.

But I agreed to join their little sleepover. "Sure, I'll just take a bath."