Jamie slowly opened her eyes to see the sight of Christmas morning through her window. Making her way to the other side of her room, she peered out her window and saw through it a number of children playing with the snow as it fell down continuously from the bright blue sky.

Jamie stretched her arms out, and let out a big yawn. She walked back to her bed again before she remembered what day it was-Christmas. Without letting another second pass, she put on her slippers and left her room. She hurried downstairs to join her family for breakfast, but when she got to the dining room, she frowned at what she saw. Seated at the table was only Nathan. Both their parents were nowhere in sight, like always.

Nathan with his head bent down stared blankly at the piece of paper he was holding. A couple of short sentences were messily scribbled on the paper as if the one who wrote were in a hurry.

We're flying to Africa for a fundraiser. We'll be back in two days. We just hope you'll both have a happy Christmas, and by the way, your gifts are under the Christmas tree. Sorry, we couldn't be there with you guys. – Love, Mom and Dad.

Nathan handed the paper to his sister, and waited for her reaction. He felt a hand rest on his left shoulder, and heard his sister's sympathetic voice.

"It's okay…" Was that all she could say?

Jamie felt so sorry for Nathan that she'd do anything to take the suicidal look off of his face. Nathan continued looking down at his lap absently. He looked so innocent.

Jamie had no idea that their parents' absence on Christmas would cause Nathan such a great deal of grief.

"Nathan, it has been like this since forever." Jamie reminded her brother. She wasn't intending on hurting him more. She was just confused at his sudden change of behavior that she unknowingly started blurting things out. She had thought that Nathan wouldn't care and act like nothing happened, but obviously she was mistaken when she saw the look on his face.

"Don't you want to open your presents?" Jamie asked her eighteen-year old brother who was acting like he was ten.

Jamie waited for an answer from her brother, but Nathan remained unmoved. Throwing her hands up in impatience she started to question her brother's actions with a loud voice.

"What the hell made you think that this Christmas will be different?? I've been expecting it since I don't know, ever since they started not to show up and be some place else! What I wasn't expecting was you acting like this." Jamie barked loudly at her brother.

Nathan who was not too keen on being reprimanded in the morning answered back in the same angry tone.

"Forget this, okay?? I'm going up to my bedroom!" He said as he stood up from his seat. He got the piece of paper from Jamie and crumpled it abruptly.

"This Christmas is the worst…ever." He said a while after. "And you know how many bad Christmases I've had."

"We had, Nathan. You're not the only one."

"I can't believe I actually thought this Christmas would be something special."

"And why is that?" His sister asked her.

"I don't know. I just got the feeling."

"Okay, fine. I'm not prolonging this argument. Just don't kill yourself over this, okay? Call Marissa or something. I'm sure she'd be more than willing to accompany you."

He looked at his sister before he asked her how she knew. Jamie told him Zephyr and she saw them last night kissing. He couldn't help but blush, and to spare him the pain of reddening in front of her, Jamie told him that she'd leave him alone and go to the living room to open her gifts.

"Oh, Jamie…!" Nathan trailed off. He went upstairs to his room and left her to wait, but then he came back out a few minutes later with a package in hand. He handed Jamie the gift wrapped in green with a red ribbon tied around it before he told her it was from Zephyr.

"He dropped over when you were asleep. He told me to give this to you." Nathan said to her as he gave her a small smile.

His sister smiled back at him before she told him that she'd open this gift last. "I have a feeling this is something special."

"Of course it is." Nathan said confidently. Jamie greeted her brother a 'Merry Christmas', before he gave her a hug. After the brotherly and sisterly act, Jamie went downstairs to unwrap the presents she received.

Jamie stared at the big green box in front of her before she got it and started to untie the ribbon. She started unwrapping the green wrapping paper and smiled at what rested on her lap.

From the moment she saw what it was, she realized this was the best gift she'd gotten. She opened the scrapbook and flipped through the first page slowly. It was quite thick and she started to wonder what Zephyr could've put in there.

Her smile widened with every page and picture she saw. Zephyr had put a timeline. In the scrapbook were pictures of when she was only a day old up until today. Aside from the numerous pictures she saw, there were also words scribbled on the book, embarrassing moments, funny ones, memorable experiences, worst happenings, they were all there.

Jamie read each and every thing and she didn't miss a word. She would laugh when she got to a certain page, but then she'd wear a serious look but a while after she'd start to smile. All the memories she had, Zephyr had gotten then. She was sure he asked Nathan's and her other friends' help. She couldn't believe Zephyr would go through all this trouble for a Christmas gift. Her parents wouldn't even do this for her, but then she remembered. Zephyr wasn't her parents. Zephyr cared about her.

She continued flipping through the pages until she got to the last few pages of the scrapbook. She became teary-eyed. Pictures of Zephyr and her holding hands, hugging, and kissing were glued on the pages of the book. She studied the pictures carefully and noticed how happy they both looked. She continued flipping through the pages slowly.

The last few pages hit her the most. She saw the picture of her lying on top of Zephyr when they were in Mammoth. They both looked so happy before the heated argument started. Memories came flooding back to her as if she had amnesia. Blurred things were cleared, and answers to her questions were received. Zephyr meant so much to her, which meant she couldn't just let their relationship wither. Jamie knew she could give him one more chance, and she was more than willing to do so. She knew she had to apologize to Zephyr since he hadn't done anything wrong.

She finally got to the last page of the scrapbook and all her thoughts and ideas of confronting Zephyr disappeared. They were just a memory. There, taped on the last page, was the key she had given Zephyr for Christmas. The same black-and-red checkered key.

She remembered telling Zephyr that she didn't care about what he would do with they key, but she didn't expect him to return it. Last night, during the Christmas Eve party, things were going well. They were both talking and she believed that things could go back to the way they were.

She answered Zephyr's question. Jamie told him that she'd give him a second chance. Jamie also hoped that Zephyr still had feelings for her since he was telling her all those things about missing her, but the returning of the key started to confuse Jamie. What was Zephyr really trying to say?

Before Jamie could even answer her own question, the doorbell rang. She headed over to the door and opened it.

"Merry Christmas, Jamie." The guest greeted her as the person handed her a present.

"Merry Christmas to you too, Reese." She greeted the person back. She accepted the gift and told Marissa to come in.

"Nathan's upstairs, but before you go…" Jamie trailed off as she headed over to the giant Christmas tree standing in their living room, and got a gift wrapped in yellow.

"Here you go." Jamie said to Marissa. Marissa accepted the gift before giving her best friend a hug. Jamie, surprised at the sudden embrace of her best friend took a few seconds before she returned the hug.

"I'm glad you two have sorted things out."

Jamie and Marissa let go, and looked at the person who was making his way down the stairs. Nathan smiled at his sister before he planted a soft kiss on his girlfriend's lips. Marissa pecked him back as she wrapped his neck with his arms.

"You better go get him." Nathan said to sister as he gave her a mischievous smile, but then he frowned when he saw his sister darken slightly.

"Why? What happened? Don't you like the gift? I thought…we thought you'd like it…" Nathan ranted, becoming all insecure all of a sudden.

"I really do…but…" Jamie stretched her arm out and opened her hand. On the palm of her hand was the checkered-designed key. Nathan looked at his sister with a raised up eyebrow.


"Nathan…can you be a little more…I don't know, sympathetic?" Reese said to her boyfriend.

"I don't get it. Why are you so sad? Zephyr was even so worried because he was thinking that he wouldn't be able to copy exactly the key you had given him."

Jamie smiled embarrassingly at her own idiocy. She flipped the key and read the words engraved on it. It was exactly the same, only, with an added sentence.

I trust you not to break heart. I've kept my promise.

Jamie's grin grew bigger as she started explaining to her best friend and to her brother her stupidity. "I thought this was the key I gave him, I was so sad…I was planning on looking for him and apologizing, but when I saw this key…" She looked down at it. "I lost hope. I was so, so--"

"Jamie, we don't want your explanation."


"But Zephyr would want it."


"So the best thing to do is to get the hell out of here. You're not the only one who wants to have a very merry Christmas." Nathan looked over at his girlfriend, and gave her a playful smirk. Reese smiled back at him before she enveloped him into an even tighter hug.

"Oh." Jamie said for the nth time today. She left the house since she finally realized that her presence was rather insignificant. She had somewhere more important to go to. She hopped in her car, turned on the ignition and drove off to Zephyr's house.

The moment Jamie arrived at the Cahill residence she rushed to the front porch of the house and doorbell-ed continuously. A few seconds later, the caretaker opened and answered the door.

"Can I please talk to Zephyr?" Jamie asked the lady in her mid-forties. Jamie was sighing heavily, but she was in a rush. She needed to talk to Zephyr as soon as possible. She so badly wanted to clear things up. She wanted to be with him…now.

The caretaker frowned as she shook her head. Jamie knew what that meant. "Did he tell you where he was going?"

The lady shook her head for the second time.

Jamie mouthed out a 'thank you' before she went down the steps of the front porch and back to her car. She turned the engine of her car on as she got out her phone from the pocket of her jeans. She dialed Zephyr's number, and waited for an answer. When there finally was one, she turned her phone to loudspeaker so that she could drive and talk at the same time.

"Hello? Jamie?" The voice on the other line asked. Jamie felt herself tense up as she started to speak softly.

"Zeph, where are you?"

"Uh…I'm in school." Zephyr answered, sounding nervous as well.


"Jamie, what's this about?" Zephyr asked her in a confused tone of voice. Jamie wanted to tell Zephyr everything as soon as possible, but she knew all too well that telling him over the phone wouldn't be the best idea. Jamie wanted to see Zephyr's expression. She wanted to know if he was being honest towards her. She wanted to get the answer from his eyes.

"Nothing. I just want to talk to you."

"Is this about the gift? It's okay with me if you don't like it, but I don't want you to return it to me." Jamie laughed quietly at Zephyr assumptions. She heard the worry in his voice, and it kind of gave her a good vibe about what was going to happen, but she still knew that she shouldn't be confident.

"Really? You don't mind if I throw the scrapbook away and burn it to pieces?" Jamie asked Zephyr sarcastically. She couldn't believe herself. She was tensing up and everything but she was still capable of being sarcastic.

"I don't mind."


"I don't."

"Zephyr, are you really being serious?" Jamie asked, starting to get all agitated.

"Are you being serious?"


"Jamie, I'm kind of busy. Why did you really call me?" Zephyr asked slightly annoyed.

"I just wanted to talk to you."

"About what?"

"About you…and me." Jamie said, saying in a very soft voice the latter part of what she said.

"This isn't the right time."

"Can't you just give me five minutes? I'll come over there and maybe…"

"Maybe what…?"

Jamie didn't know how to answer that. Not knowing what to do next, she hung up and placed her phone back inside her jean pocket. After doing so, she made a u-turn and drove her way to school.

She parked her car at one of the empty spaces before she made her way to the soccer field. She headed over to the bleachers, sat there, and waited until Zephyr noticed her.

Half an hour already passed and Zephyr still hadn't glanced at Jamie's direction. Jamie continued staring at the guy masked with sweat who was continuously kicking the soccer ball into the goal post. She noticed how focused Zephyr was in the sport. It seemed like nothing or no one can take his mind off soccer. The thought made Jamie frown. She looked down at her lap and started to think. She was starting to have second thoughts about doing this, but she was here already.

"Shit!" Jamie shouted when something hard hit her on the head. She looked up, then behind her, and saw a soccer ball bouncing aimlessly. She stood up, went over to it and got it. When she turned back, Zephyr was already in front of her. He had a disappointed look on his face.

"Why didn't you tell you were here?"

"I don't know…" Afraid of his reaction, she looked down and started to stare at her shoes.

"Jamie, what kind of an answer is that?"

"I said I don't know." Jamie answered forcefully. Taken aback by how Jamie answered, Zephyr took a step back, farther away from her.

"I am not in the mood to play guessing games, Jamie."

"And I'm not in the mood to get my heart broken."

Zephyr looked at the girl before her with wide-eyes. Aside from the fact that his parents were in another state during Christmas, his day was going smoothly. That is, until Jamie called her and started to confuse him.

He didn't like it that Jamie was being sarcastic about his gift. He worked hard, and he wanted the scrapbook to mend things if possible. Even better, he was hoping that the pictures, the words, and the key could somehow make Jamie realize that he liked her still…not like, love. But after Jamie called him and told him she wanted to talk to him, he got a bad feeling, and all the hope of getting the girl of his dreams on Christmas vanished in an instant.

"Jamie, why would I break your heart?"

"Why not…?"

He sighed in annoyance. He was not in the mood to answer questions, and get questions as answers. If this were some other person, he probably wouldn't have the patience of trying to understand her, but instead, he'd end up shouting at the person.

But who was Zephyr fooling? No matter how much Jamie annoyed the hell out of him, he'd still be able to stay smiling. That was Jamie's power over Zephyr. It was impossible for him to get mad at her.

"Jamie…" Zephyr started as he let out a deep sigh. "…just tell me what you want to tell me. I put all my hard work into making that scrapbook like-able, so please don't tell me you want to throw it away and burn it. I can accept the idea of you hating my gift, but please…"

"I won't throw it."

Those words made the inside of him smile in happiness, but he remained silent on the outside.

"Nor burn it."

He smiled at her.

"Then what?"

Zephyr eyed the girl curiously, as she started to move nearer to him hesitantly. He could see how tense she looked. What was she going to do?

I just want to do this."

Jamie moved closer to Zephyr until there were only a few inches left in between them. Zephyr could feel her hard breathing on his neck as she shifted uncomfortably in her place.

Their heads moved in closer, and their lips finally came in contact with each other. Zephyr felt Jamie's lips over his as he took hold of her at the hips. He was about to beg for more, but Jamie pulled away. Zephyr could see her smiling coyly at him, and he was doing the same to her.

"I like your gift…" She said, trailing.

"Actually…I love it."

Zephyr felt his lips curve upward into a smile. He immediately got the feeling that this could be the best Christmas he has had so far.

"And you…"

He felt himself get nervous. He was hoping for Jamie to say something nice, and nothing of the sort that will break his heart into pieces.

"I guess I love you too…"

Zephyr stared at Jamie intently. The girl before her, the girl he loved back had her arms behind her in embarrassment. He saw her blush madly, before she shook her head to rid the two big red spots on her cheeks.

"You only guess…?" Zephyr said in a disappointed tone of voice. Jamie smiled embarrassingly, and slapped Zephyr in the arm.

"What do you want me to say?"

"What you want to say."

"Tell me first what you want to say." Jamie answered timidly, putting the pressure on Zephyr. Zephyr, slightly nervous, but absolutely sure of what he wanted to say didn't let another second pass. He mouthed out the words, and waited nervously for Jamie's reply. "I like you…I love you."

He could see the girl before him grin.

"Think fast."

As she said those words, she threw the soccer ball hastily to him. He caught it in surprise, not being able to think as fast as he was hoping, but to Jamie's luck, it was the perfect time to knock him off his feet.

The moment Zephyr caught the ball in his hands; Jamie wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him in for a kiss. Unfortunate that the ball was in between them, Zephyr threw it and didn't bother to wait and see where it might land. Without hesitating no more, he wrapped Jamie's waist with his arms and deepened the kiss.

Jamie's left hand traveled up and down Zephyr's back, as her right ran through his light brown hair. They could feel each other's chest thumping loudly as it moved up and down whenever the other breathed deeply.

Zephyr felt himself frown when Jamie pulled away and broke the long, long kiss they were sharing.

"You're sweaty." Jamie said with a small laugh.

"I played soccer."

Jamie only answered Zephyr with another soft laugh.

"You broke the kiss just to tell me I'm sweaty? Jamie…"

"No, I broke the kiss because I want to get out of here."

Zephyr smiled at his…girlfriend, if he could call her that already. He took her hand as they made their way down the bleachers and to the soccer field.

"Don't forget your ball."

"I still have an extra."

"Zeph, just get it." Jamie told him with a little laugh. The both of them headed over to where the ball was, and picked it up.

"Ooh…let me see if I can score a goal." Jamie said childishly as she clapped her hands in excitement.

"I thought you wanted leave and go somewhere else."

"I just want to try and shoot."

"Do you want me to block you?"


"Fifty bucks says I'll be able to block the ball."

Jamie smiled at Zephyr's confidence. "A kiss says you'll get distracted."


Without hesitation, Jamie kicked the ball. It flew in mid-air and landed in Zephyr's hands. Jamie let out a loud groan as she made her way to her boyfriend. She hit him in the chest before Zephyr wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in for a hug. She rested her head on his shoulder before she looked up to meet his eyes.

She saw happiness.

"Don't break my heart." Zephyr spoke softly, never letting go of her. It was still too soon to think about it, but she already knew the perfect answer to it.

"I'll keep my promise."

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