Storms: for lack of a better title

Lightning arcs across the sky,

Brilliant against the water-heavy storm clouds,

That hang low in the sky, threatening to flood the land below.

Thunder claps,

Followed closely by the brilliance of lightning.

As the rain falls to the land,

Thunder and lightning dance and sing,

Across the boundless sky.

The rain, though light at first,

Starts to fall faster, harder, heavier,

Until the ground turns to mud,

And the rivers overcome the banks,

That holds them prisoner.

Now freed, the waters,

Rush across the land,

Sweeping away those that dwell there.

Thunder sings its song,

As lightning dances to thunders tune.

The clouds, now dry, grow lighter.

The rain ends, thunder stops its song,

And lightning ceases its dance.

The storm has ended, leaving behind,

The reminder of its fury.

© Justin J. Conidaris/Insanity Lord