4 years ago a devastating tragedy tore 15 cousins apart, Stephanie being one of them. Stephanie built a wall around her keeping everyone out, but Matt shows up, determined to break through the wall. Soon, another tragedy strikes. Will Matt break through Stephanie's wall? Will this tragedy, so similar to the one 4 years ago, be able to bring the cousins back together?

Chapter 1:

Stephanie walked into the building welcoming the rush of cold air that overcame her. She strolled down the hall and into her office, hoping for a quiet day of work.

She went through her files and came across a note left by her boss, saying that there would be a new accountant, starting on the 14th. Stephanie glanced up at the calendar on her wall and realized that it was the 14th today. She looked back down and the note and read that she was to show the new guy around and help him out for the first week. Stephanie groaned and put her head down on her cold table. Being a quiet and reserved person, she hated having to be social at all. So much for a peaceful day, she thought.

Matthew sauntered into the building of his newest job and tried to remember where his new office was. He let his thoughts drift back to the last time he was here a few weeks ago.

"Congratulations Matthew!" said his new boss and clapped him in the back, "You have earned yourself a job!"

"I have arranged for Stephanie, one of my best and well-liked accountants here, to show you around for a few weeks, just until you get the hang of things."

Great, thought Matthew glumly, probably another dumb blond out to get herself a guy.

As if his boss had known what he was thinking by his expression, he told Matthew, "Don't worry, this lady won't give you any trouble and won't even think about invading your space. More like the opposite actually, she's a very quiet and reserved lady with her own personal problems to deal with. She is also the most kind-hearted person you'll ever meet."

With that last thought running through his head, he didn't watch where he was going and walked right into someone. Matthew bent down to apologize and he found himself gazing into a beautiful young lady, with silky dirty blond hair, vibrant blue eyes and a lovely face, with a height of about 5'6". He caught himself when he realized what he was doing and bent down to help her pick up her files. His eyes caught on the name on the files and realized that she was Stephanie, his tour guide for the week.

"I'm very sorry for running into you, Stephanie; I wasn't watching where I was going," he said, holding out his hand, "I'm Matthew, though my friends just call me Matt."

Stephanie shook his hand and asked, "How did you know my name?"

Matt replied, "Our boss told me the other day that you were going to show me around the office."

She nodded subconsciously and took a moment to study his features. Matt had smooth brown hair, sparkling brown eyes, a body that was muscular, but not bulky and a height of about 6'2". Stephanie looked into Matt's eyes and saw amusement in them and asked, "What's so amusing?"

"You," he replied, his eyes still twinkling, "So, are you going to just stand there, or will you show me around?"

Stephanie flushed a deep crimson, glared at him and spun around on her heels, quickly walking down the hall, naming random offices.

Finally, Stephanie stopped abruptly in front of a door and Matt nearly walked right into her. She turned around and told Matt that it was his new office.

She soon realized how closed they were and stepped back, quickly making an excuse about having to get back to work, before swiftly walking back down the hall.

Matt stared after her and chuckled quietly, remembering how flushed she looked, before she hurried away. He shook his head and opened the door to his new office. She's quite an interesting creature, he thought, shaking his head as he opened the door to his new office.

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